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Wireless Network for Staff and Guests

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Staff and Faculty Wireless Access 

The service is free to all faculty and staff. All faculty and staff have access using their Sierra College network log in account. If you are using a Sierra College laptop computer then you will log in to the domain just as you would when from your desktop PC. If you are using your personal laptop computer, select the "Sierra - Public" wireless network.

If you experience outages contact the Help Desk, ext. 7777.

Guest Wireless Services

If Sierra College Faculty or Staff plan to have a visitor to the campus that will require wireless access, please contact the IIT Help Desk to request a Guest account. An account will be provided that can access the Internet through the Campus WiFi. Please allow 24 business hours processing time. 

You will need to email the following information to

  • The SC sponsor’s name
  • SC sponsor’s email address
  • The name of the guest
  • The name of their company
  • The reason/event which necessitates the guest account
  • Start time for when the wireless account is needed
  • End time for when the account will expire

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