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Parking Procedures: Parking lots on the Sierra College campuses will have daily parking pass dispensers and some new policies as well. The new solar powered dispensers will now take credit cards and cash, but will no longer take coins. We do not charge for parking from 4:00 PM on Friday to 11:00 PM on Sunday on the Rocklin Campus.

Big advantages to purchasing a Semester Parking Permit: Purchasing a 16 week semester permit costs students $50. With the Bog Fee Waver, the price drops to $25. Purchasing a daily $3 pass 2 times a week for 16 weeks adds up to $96. Do the math! If you are coming onto campus two or more times a week, why wouldn’t you buy a semester permit?

Permit only parking lots: The closest student parking lots to classrooms will now be designated permit parking only. This means that purchasing a semester parking permit will give students preferred parking access. The daily pass dispensers will be located in the perimeter lots.

General Parking Information

Parking Fees:

  • Rocklin Campus:
    • $50 per semester
    • $25 summer semester
    • $3 daily parking
    • Motorcycles: $13 for fall/spring; $5 for summer
    • No charge for parking from 4:00 PM on Friday to 11:00 PM on Sunday.
  • Roseville Gateway:
    • Free
  • Nevada County Campus:
    • $50 per semester
    • $25 summer semester
    • $3 daily parking
    • Motorcycles: $13 for fall/spring; $5 for summer
    • No charge for parking from 4:00 PM on Friday to 11:00 PM on Sunday.
  • Tahoe Truckee Campus:
    • $40 per semester
    • No charge for parking from 4:00 PM on Friday to 11:00 PM on Sunday.

How do I purchase a parking permit?

  • Log into your mySierra account under the ‘Home’ tab
  • Go to the ‘Registration and Student Records’ channel and click the ‘Pay Fees’ link
  • Select the term you are needing a parking permit/ASSC sticker for, click ‘Submit’
  • Click the ‘Credentials’ button on the right of the screen (if theCredentials webpage doesn’t open, click on the word ‘here’ at the end of the second sentence)

Then follow the instructions for the information. Please enter this information very carefully because the address given is the address the permit is sent to.

At this time, there are no over the counter sales on campus for parking permits or ASSC stickers.

How long does it take to get my permit?

Typically, it takes 3 to 5 days to receive your permit in the mail.  We encourage you to order your permit as soon as possible. 

Credentials informs us that it takes 5-15 business days for the individual to receive the purchased items in the mail. The permit/ASSC sticker is usually available for purchase 2-4 months previous to the start of the semester, so ordering ahead of time or at the time of registration is highly recommended.

A student can print out a temporary one-week parking permit when they purchase a parking permit.

What do I do if I don’t receive my permit after ordering it online?

If you do not receive your permit after a week, you should contact the Parking and Security office at (916) 660-7120.

What happens if I need to refund my permit?

To ensure a refund for a parking permit, it will need to be brought into the campus security office on or before the ADD/DROP/REFUND deadline of the corresponding semester. Anytime after this date, a refund will not be issued.

How to Properly Display Your Hang-Tag Parking Permit

Preferred location:

Hang permit from rearview mirror with number facing forward, clearly visible through the front windshield. If permit is not clearly visible when displayed on mirror, use alternate location.

Alternate location:

Display permit in the lower driver side corner of the windshield by placing permit face up on dashboard or taping it to the inside of the windshield facing outward so that it is clearly visible from outside the vehicle.

Sticker Placement for Staff

Authorized placement of your Sierra College Staff Parking sticker. (lower driver side corner of windshield, outside). STICKER VALID ONLY WHEN AFFIXED TO VEHICLE IN THE LOCATION SHOWN.

Request for Administrative Hearing

If you are dissatisfied with the results of the initial Parking Citation Appeal review, and wish to contest further with a Tier II Administrative Hearing, you will need to fill out the necessary forms located under the ‘Contesting Parking Violation’ tab, or by coming into the Campus Security office and requesting a Tier II Administrative Hearing from the front office staff. Once the forms are filled out in their entirety, return them to the Campus Security office along with a deposit for the full amount of the parking penalty shown on the notice of violation.

A Tier II Administrative Hearing will be scheduled within 90 days, if the individual does not show up to court on the scheduled hearing date, the Tier II appeal is automatically upheld and the previously deposited monies will not be refunded. The parking penalty must be deposited in full previous to a hearing being scheduled, unless a Declaration of Financial Hardship (Publication SCP104) has been submitted and approved. The deposit will be refunded if the appeal is dismissed and individual is not found liable.

Refer to Publication SCP101 entitled “Contesting a Notice of Parking Violation: Procedure.”

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