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Dinosaur Day Science Fest 2011

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Was held March 27, 2011

This year's event was a great success! Crowds of families enjoyed themselves throughout the day. Although there were clouds in the sky, the recent rainy weather didn't reappear.


  • Archaeopteryx Hats:  Receive and wear a paper Archaeopteryx hat.
  • BBQ: Enjoy Dino Nuggets, hot dogs and veggie dogs all at reasonable prices; run by Science Club.
  • Cast Painting:  Paint a plaster fossil replica and take it home for just $1.
  • Chemistry Department: make slime with real chemists.
  • Coloring:  crayons and coloring pages provided for use in the museum.
  • Color sidewalk drawings: Using sidewalk chalk you may help beautify the “Paleo Panorama” painted animal outlines around Sewell Hall (weather permitting).
  • Cookie Painting:  Paint a fossil-shaped cookie with colored frosting and learn about how these animals lived.
  • Dinosaur Puzzle:  Help paleontologists assemble the bones of dinosaur.
  • Dino Wheel:  Spin the wheel, use the “dino fact” or “eco fact” to figure out which skeleton or sustainable living tool it is describing, then match that to a fleshed-out picture or energy source. Once you have determined the correct answer you may pick a mineral or other prize off that picture. One dollar per spin.
  • Dinostore: Selling minerals, rocks, fossil replicas, fossil toys, museum mugs and other fun educational souvenirs.
  • ECOS Club: Paper recycling.
  • Face Painting
  • Fossil Exploration Sand Box: unbury fossil bones and footprints using a paintbrush
  • Fossil Casting: Using Plaster of Paris, create a replica of a fossil that you can take home.
  • GPS Hunt: learn how satellites communicate and use a GPS receiver to locate hidden treasures.
  • Hand Puppets: Make a T. rex hand puppet that you may take home.
  • Mechatronics Club: Alternative energy activity.
  • Raffle: Every person entering has a chance to win various books, games, or activities. Raffle giveaway begins at 3:15.
  • Physics Experiments and Rube-Goldberg Machine: run by Physics Dept. and Club
  • Silent Auction: Bid on various dinosaur, and science related items as well as a large selection of mineral and rock specimens; also, artwork by Wyland. All auction items will be viewable throughout the event until they are auctioned off. Last tables will close at 3:00.
  • Worksheets and Prizes: Each child will be given a fun, age-appropriate dinosaur worksheet and a pencil. When complete they may enter the bottom portion of the worksheet into a drawing to win a book or other prize and they will receive a small toy.

Exhibitors not connected to Sierra College

  • Auburn State Recreation Area Canyon Keepers:  Hands-on educational activities.
  • Friends of the Bayley House: Learn about this historic structure and the quest to sustain it for the future.
  • John L Sullivan Chevrolet:  See the new Chevy Volt, Alternative Fuel Silverado & Prius and learn how they work.
  • Life Cycle Celebration:  Hands-on educational activities.
  • Mickaboo Companion Parrot Rescue:  Talk to bird handlers and find out if you have what it takes to adopt a life-long friend.
  • Moms Like Me: Sign up for their email list and get the inside scoop on area activities.
  • Prehistoric Times:  Check out this ultra cool magazine as well as some great dinosaur models.
  • Placer Science Center:  Check out their cool critters.
  • Star Eco Station:  Talk to animal handlers and get up-close and personal with a Black and White Tegu, Moluccan Cockatoo, Macaw (possibly), Burmese Python or Boa Constrictor, Spiny Tailed Monitor Lizard, Carpet Python and some cool bugs.
  • Your Design T-shirts:  Choose from artwork designs and watch as it is heat-pressed or printed onto a t-shirt (size, color and style) of your choosing. 

Temporary Exhibits

  • Fossil Preparation: Watch a paleontologist clean and preserve a dinosaur bone collected by Sierra College students.
  • “Live Dinosaur”: Witness the “delivery of a live dinosaur” to the Sierra College Natural History Museum’s Dinosaur Day event!
  • Wildlife Presentations: Speakers will show off live birds and reptiles.
  • Planetarium Shows: Offered throughout the day.
  • Poster Presentations: highlighting sustainable energy and lifestyles.
  • Reading time for little ones: Scientific children’s books will be available for reading throughout the day.
  • Non-dinosaurian Reptiles on display in zoology lab.
  • Feathered Dinosaurs: a temporary exhibit highlighting some new discoveries.
  • Eric Gohre fossil display.

Physics Demonstrations

  • Physics Demonstrations
  • Exploding watermelon and liquid Nitrogen
  • Red Wagon

For more information call Kim Stevens at (916) 624-3333, ext. 3909

Supported by the ASSC, Other World Computing and Friends of the Bayley House

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