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Chalicothere Skull

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The museum exhibits have gotten even better. The skull case was rearranged to make room for three more skulls, a chalicothere replica related to horses and rhinos, a real okapi or small brown giraffe from the Congo rainforest, and an African elephant shrew replica.

Patricia Whalen of Loomis donated an impressive personal collection of taxidermy mounts. Two were used to upgrade the prior African antelope collection and three more (Black wildebeest, Lechwe and Reedbuck) were additions. The duplicates are being loaned to the local high schools to strengthen their instructional programs. The American pronghorn, Rattlesnake skin and skeleton and male Mallard duck went to Woodcreek, Bison to Del Oro, Red Hartebeest to Granite Bay, Oryx to Lincoln, Nyala to Placer, Impala to Nevada Union.

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