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Ridley Gallery Presents a Study in Ceramics

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"Sabbatical Research Lab", A Study in Ceramics

By Professor Casey O'Connor

Ridley GalleryDid you know that ceramics are used for a wide range of products? Ceramics are all around us. Aside from the objects we think of, tiles, plates, and toilets, ceramics can be found in products like watches, snow skies, automobiles, and phone lines. They can also be found on space shuttles, appliances, and airplanes.

From now until October 10th, Sierra College professor and ceramics artist Casey O’Connor, will be presenting an exhibition in the Rocklin Ridley Gallery, exploring the wide array of manufacturing and application of both art and high-tech ceramics. In Casey’s show “Sabbatical Research Lab”, he displays a collection of ceramic pieces gathered from his travels across the country during a recent sabbatical, along with personal studio work. This collection includes NASA Space Shuttle tiles, a hip replacement joint, molten metal filters, artery plaque scrubbing turbines, ballistic body and reactive tank armor and implantable human heart pacemaker parts, to name just a few.

Also on display are creations depicting personally significant works of art from the mind of O’Connor. Among the art sculptures are, “The place where all ideas come from”, the Anagama kiln fired Temple Grandin Bosch King Baby Doll, O’Connor’s first series of face jugs based on Alkaline glazed pots by “Dave the Slave potter” of Edgefield, South Carolina, and Captain America High Fructose Corn Syrup “new found market to children cuz ethanol ain’t paying yet” gummies cast in Porcelain, again, just to name a few.

The Artist’s Reception will be held on September 20th 5-7pm. Come meet Professor Casey O’Connor and find out where his inspirations lie.

The Ridley Gallery is open Monday through Thursday 11am – 5pm, or by appointment. The exhibit runs through October 10th. The gallery is located in the Learning Resource Center, room 102, at the Sierra College Rocklin Campus, 5000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin, CA. There is a $3 parking fee on campus. Parking permits are available at dispensers located throughout the parking lot

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