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Sierra College Presents Award Winning Film Director and Writer, Peter Bratt

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Peter BrattAs part of the Sierra College Latino Film Festival, The Puente Club at Sierra College Rocklin Campus, will present award winning director and writer, Peter Bratt, who will discuss his film La Mission. The discussion will take place on Monday, March 24, from 2-3:00 pm, in Rm. D-12, in Professor Sandra McDonald's Social Science 50, Ethnic Images in Film class. Following the class discussion, Bratt will present the film, which will run until 6:00 pm. 

Released in 2009, La Mission, which stars Benjamin Bratt, is the story of a Chicano father and son dealing with life issues in their neighborhood in the Mission District of San Francisco. The film focuses on traditional Chicano culture.

The Latino Film Festival introduces audiences to the power of film as both an art form and an opportunity to learn. Whether it is focused in Realism, Classicism, or Formalism - from documentary to fiction to the avant-garde, these films offer valuable points-of-view and, in the tech-driven 21st century, greater accessibility to those points-of-view. The Latino Film Festival offers viewers an opportunity to understand, evaluate, and see their own story in the films of others.

During the month of March, Sierra College schedules an annual series of student programs and activities to help in our understanding of the beauty, complexity and diversity of the Latino community. Cited by the U.S. Census Bureau as the largest ethnic minority group in the nation, it is easy to see how the value of our understanding becomes essential and meaningful. Please accept our invitation to visit and learn about the American experience of being Latino. The complete schedule of events during “La Semana Latina” can be found on our website at:

Sponsored by: The Puente Club, Dream Club, ASSC, New Legacy Committee, Social Science professor Sandra McDonald, Equal Employment Opportunity Committee and The Home Depot

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