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Drug and alcohol awareness presentation at Sierra College

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Linda Dutil, R.N.Linda Dutil, RN, is an emergency room nurse from Waterville, Maine and national motivational speaker. She will give a drug and alcohol awareness presentation at Sierra College Rocklin Campus on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. This presentation is FREE and the public is welcome and encouraged to attend. It will be held in Room D-12 from 3:30–5:00 pm. 

By sharing her experiences as an ER nurse, Linda helps students consider the consequences of poor choices and enables them to develop healthy attitudes about life.  "The emergency room is the last place anyone wants to visit," Dutil states. "I hope to make a lasting impression on young people across the country. I want to empower them with the skills that they need to make good choices to stay safe!"

This presentation brings a very unique perspective. With an engaging personality Linda shares valuable information about how drugs and alcohol work within the body. Linda also teaches intervention skills which empower people to make good choices and stay safe.  The program is visual and interactive and leaves a lasting impression on those in attendance! Please take a moment to visit Linda’s website at:

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