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Natural History Museum Presents Love May Have Nothing To Do With It

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The Sierra College Natural History Museum will present an illustrated lecture entitled “Love May Have Nothing To Do With It” by Sierra College biology professor Keely Carroll on Friday, February 21, at 7:30 PM in Sewell Hall (room 111) on the Sierra College-Rocklin Campus.

The tail of a peacock used to drive Darwin crazy! Why would this bird have this large appendage that makes it easier for the local tigers to eat him? From an evolutionary standpoint, it just didn't seem to make sense, unless you consider it in the spotlight of sexual selection. The evolutionary biology of mating systems attempts to explain that tail, why birds do funny dances, why some birds build structures just to impress the girls, why those girls care, and even why we only have two genders. Join Keely Carroll as she discusses all of this and more on Friday February 21st at 7:30pm.

Please be advised that this talk may not be suitable for younger ears.

Keely Carroll is a professor of biology at Sierra College and the Director of the Sierra College Natural History Museum. Keely has worked with a variety of species in the field, including western spotted skunks, bats, geese, ringtails, and even one badger. Her current teaching focus is in non-majors biology and in providing students with real-world experience in ecology. While her first passion is teaching, her second is evolutionary biology and she loves to share what she has learned with everyone who will listen.

This presentation is part of the Sierra College Natural History Museum’s 2013-2014 lecture series, and will be held on Friday, February 21 at 7:30 pm in Sewell Hall, room 111. Tickets are available at the door. Prices are General $5 / Students and Seniors $2 / Museum members free. All proceeds benefit the Sierra College Natural History Museum. 

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