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Energy Technology Program Builds New Solar Array on the Rocklin Campus

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On Friday, March 14 a group of students from the Sierra College Photovoltaic and Welding programs along with representatives from the Associated Students of Sierra College (ASSC) gathered to unveil their latest solar class project to benefit the Rocklin Campus. This achievement not only provided hands-on, real world experience for the students, but also will significantly benefit the entire student population. The system located near the amphitheater is 24 panels that produce 5.5 kw, or 5,500 watts in a day. This will power the campus’s amphitheater lights around the clock and also provide outlets for students to charge their mobile devices. Every day they can charge up to 3,000 cell phones, 300 tablets, and 100 laptops. Plus, it will save the district about $1,200 in electrical costs per year.

The project came to life through a partnership between departments and student government. The ASSC provided funding, the welding students built the structure for the panels to reside on, and the photovoltaic students built and installed the panels. Next year the photovoltaic courses will be offered through the construction management program, providing even more opportunities for collaboration. For more information contact Michael Kane, Associate Dean of Science and Math, at:

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