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Sierra College Foundation Receives Donation From Roseville Chapter- Alpha Delta Kappa Beta ETA Funds

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On Wednesday, May 28, Susan Goto and Carol Sue Acres, representing the Alpha Delta Kappa Beta ETA Chapter in Roseville, stopped by the Sierra College Foundation Office on the Rocklin Campus to present a check to fund the purchase of 100 scientific calculators for former foster youth attending Sierra.

Susan is a current Foundation Board member and a member of this sorority for the past 35 years. Carol Sue is the Altruistic Chair and a member for 12 years. Both are retired educators and longtime supporters of the community and Sierra College.

In addition to their support they also surprised the Foundation with a trunk full of school supplies and Target gift cards! These donations will go a long way to help the many Former Foster Youth attending Sierra. These students frequently come to college with nothing.

Sierra College has been building community awareness and support for former foster youth over the last six years. Sierra assists about 150 former foster youth each year to obtain their academic goals. “We collect school supplies and other personal necessities each year to provide our new and returning students a head start on their education.” Said financial aid program manager, and foster youth advocate, Dr. Linda Williams.

Every year in California, an estimated 4,000 foster youth transition from dependents of the foster care system into emancipated adulthood at age eighteen. Less than 3% of this population will attend college. The California Community College system serves approximately 9,000 former and current foster youth and Sierra College will serve around 150 of these students. These students face an extraordinary challenge to not only pay for their basic needs, but to also pay for college tuition, books, parking permit, and school supplies, which totals about $2,000 per year. This does not include the additional $3,350 it costs per semester to live on campus in the dorms.

If you would like to offer your support to this program or learn more about the Sierra College Foundation, visit Contact the SC Foundation at 916-660-7020 or

L to R: Peter Willson, Susan Goto, Carol Sue Acres, Linda Williams. Photo: Daryl M. Stinchfield

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