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Withdrawing From Classes

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Before you consider withdrawing from any class, new rules are in place. You now have only three tries at a non-repeatable class to pass it—W’s now ‘count’ against you.

State regulations have been changed restricting the number of times students can enroll in the same class if it is not designated as repeatable. Effective summer 2012 students will be limited to no more than three attempts to achieve a satisfactory grade of “C” or better. Of particular significance is that “withdraws” are now counted along with substandard grades in those three attempts.

This new “3 strikes and you’re out” policy will be retroactive; therefore, spring 2012 may be the last opportunity students have to pass a class they have attempted more than twice. Please refer students to see a counselor for more specific information or assistance.

Short-term and Fast-Track Courses

Short-term and Fast-track courses have their own individual deadlines which can be verified by the professor or by calling Admissions and Records at (916) 660-7340. All deadlines for each Short-term and Fast-track course are also printed on your class schedule/ fee receipt located in your mySierra account.

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