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If you have any questions regarding these forms please call the athletic training room (916) 660-8107 Nancy or (916) 660-8108 Brandon. Forms can be turned in to the athletic trainers or faxed to (916) 630-4566.

Guidelines for Getting Preparticipation Physical Exam

  • The preparticipation physical form must be completed (all three pages) and turned into the athletic training room BEFORE you will be allowed to practice.
  • Athletes getting their preparticipation physical done by their own physician must have them done on Sierra College’s preparticipation physical form.
  • Preparticipation physicals must be done by a physician (MD), an osteopath (DO) or a nurse practitioner/ physician assistant under the supervision of one of the above.
  • Preparticipation physicals can be done through the Sierra College health center for $20.00. These are done by appointment only; the health center number is (916) 660-7490.

Downloadable Forms

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