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Arts and Innovation Day

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Event activities and performances are free to vendors and the public. Activities are designed for all ages and local schools are invited to attend.

Active experiences in The Arts play a critical role in human, social, cultural and economic development.

The purpose of the event is two-fold.

  1. Offer access to interdisciplinary, Arts-based, concrete activities designed to spark discovery, explore creative capacities and rekindle creative self-expression.
  2. Broaden existing interdisciplinary discussions about the critical role The Arts play in human, social, cultural and economic development.

The event is designed to increase awareness of students, educators and community members regarding the impact of Arts Education in the developmental, social, cultural and economic value of Arts Education.

Performers, makers, educators and scholars, in a wide range of disciplines, will discuss, model and experience ways music, visual arts, design, dance, drama, film and literary arts intersect with all disciplines. Through this prism, we can redefine Arts Education and create a more inclusive, humane and vital education for the whole person.

Arts and Innovation Day is a highly creative and collaborative event. It brings together a diverse group of students, artists, educators and scientists from California colleges and the community. Sharing a common vision, the efforts of multiple departments, student clubs, staff members, campus organizations, the Ridley Art Gallery and community vendors has resulted in an offering of fun and meaningful exhibits, workshops and activities.

More about the creativity fair

The primary purpose of the Creativity Fair is to provide a playful, creative space for experimentation with art. Vendors, community members, artists, clubs, departments, staff and faculty will offer interdisciplinary, arts-based activities designed to spark discovery, explore creative capacities and rekindle a desire for creative self-expression. Participants can also explore therapeutic uses of art and discuss disciplines and careers in art-related fields with staff, faculty, local entrepreneurs and guests.

Philosophical background

We have a unique opportunity to promote equitable access to arts education in our community. Over the past ten years, the loss of arts programs in our public schools has greatly limited access to arts education. Could this lack of exposure to broad-based arts education be, in part, why there is an increase in sensory processing, sensory motor, short-term memory, attention deficits and numerous examples of loss of empathy in student populations across our nation?

Recent advances in brain research have added significantly to a foundation of scientific evidence showing arts education is a critical part of human development. These studies indicate active creative experiences result in comprehensive neurological activity, brain integration and provide the emotional and physical stimulation we all need to be successful, healthy, whole and compassionate human beings. Such scientifically based knowledge is now spurring a growing number of constituencies working to promote integration of The Arts into 21st century education.

Faculty and staff members at Sierra College are aware of this growing body of scientific evidence and are taking action. Arts and Innovation Day will highlight the work of faculty members and community partners already engaged in projects showing the ways arts literacy and concrete experiences in The Arts develop the skill sets creative-critical-innovative thinkers our country needs to compete in a new, global marketplace.

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