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Dinosaur Day Science Fest

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  • Slide: Dig for fossils in the sandbox

    Dig for fossils in the sandbox

  • Slide: Watch as a real dinosaur bone is prepped by an expert.

    Watch as a real dinosaur bone is prepped by an expert.

  • Slide: Lots of fun activities for kids!

    Lots of fun activities for kids!

  • Slide: Buy educational and fun things!

    Buy educational and fun things!

  • Slide: See fun physics demonstrations!

    See fun physics demonstrations!

2014 Dinosaur Day Science Fest: Forces of Nature, was Sunday, May 4

This is a fun all-day family adventure! This year, along with displays and activities surroundi ng the study of dinosaurs, Dinosaur Day Science Fest will include demonstrations in paleontology, physics and chemistry, and live animal and planetarium shows. This event continually grows in popularity offering the community a day of fun activities, temporary exhibits, and a chance to get an up-close look at the amazing collection of natural history specimens housed in the Museum located on the Rocklin Campus of Sierra College. Included in its collection of fossil dinosaurs are a triceratops skull, a pachycephalosaurus skull, T-rex skull replica, dinosaur leg bones, a giant theropod footprint and a full mount cast of a hypsilophodont.

 Things to do:

  • See live animal shows, fantastic physics shows and out-of-this-world Planetarium shows
  • Meet paleontologists and watch them prepare a real fossil
  • Learn about new technologies that help us carry on
  • Examine the remarkable animals around us
  • Make real slime with chemists
  • Join the Science Club for a BBQ featuring Dino Nuggets
  • Big Spoon Yogurt will have yummy treats
  • Take a spin on the DinoWheel
  • Create your own dinosaur artwork
  • Face painting
  • Exploding watermelons
  • Find fossils in the fossil sandbox
  • Geocaching
  • Frost your own Dino cookies
  • Check yourself for cooties
  • Have fun with math
  • See new exhibits in the Natural History Museum
  • Be there when a dinosaur is delivered to the museum
  • Over 20 activities to explore!

Proceeds benefit the Natural History Museum.

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