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Dinosaur Day Science Fest

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  • Slide: Dig for fossils in the sandbox

    Dig for fossils in the sandbox

  • Slide: Watch as a real dinosaur bone is prepped by an expert.

    Watch as a real dinosaur bone is prepped by an expert.

  • Slide: Lots of fun activities for kids!

    Lots of fun activities for kids!

  • Slide: Buy educational and fun things!

    Buy educational and fun things!

  • Slide: See fun physics demonstrations!

    See fun physics demonstrations!

2016 Dinosaur Day Science Fest will be Sunday, May 1

At this year’s event you can: (subject to change)

  • Watch real paleontologists prepare real fossils and then go to our Dino Pit and try to uncover some yourself. You can then head over to another area and try to dig your own “fossils” out of ice and other materials.
  • After you spend some time finding fossils, take a moment to get a photo-op with our life-size Velociraptor model.
  • Once you have refueled see if you can knock down some towers by firing balls at them from a trebuchet. The destruction doesn’t stop there though…our physics experts will explode some watermelons, freeze flowers solid and do other fun things with liquid nitrogen, including firing tennis balls into the sky! Oh, and they will present their fire extinguisher powered wagon too.
  • If you have had your fill of destruction (if you haven’t don’t worry, we will explode many things that day), you can learn about the science of fingerprints from the Rocklin Police Department.
  • Should your brother or sister touch you during the event, you can get those cooties removed at our cootie removal booth any time during the day.
  • If your brother or sister is really bothering you, then you can make some slime and pretend that you are going to put it into their hair (for your parent’s sake, don’t actually do it, just pretend!).
  • Should you need a break for a bit, take a moment and make your own Dinosaur Day t-shirt. (Sorry, there is an extra fee for this one, it covers the cost of the shirt).
  • If you are still feeling creative, stop by our Archaeopteryx hat making station and our puppet making area and express yourself. Nothing says style like wearing your own Archaeopteryx hat!
  • Once you are styling in your new hat, accessorize by getting some face painting.
  • From there you can swing by our Dino Store, Raffle and Silent Auction to see what cool science things you need to complete your collection. Our store features loads of great dino related stuff (yes, you can buy your own fossilized dino droppings). Our raffle features lots of great prizes and you get a raffle ticket just for coming. Our silent auction features beautiful minerals and a wonderful fossil replica.
  • You will also have the chance to get up close to some great creatures. NorCal Bats will be bringing some of their wonderful creatures to tell you about some of the great things that bats can do.
  • You can go on a real treasure hunt with modern day technology when you try geocaching at the event.
  • I almost forgot to mention that we will have four, free Planetarium shows during the day. Its first-come, first-served on these shows and they fill up fast.

That is just a sampling of what will be featured at this year’s event. Come and join us for this Rocklin area annual tradition and start creating some wonderful family memories!

Kids 4 and under are free! If they decide to bring their older brother or sister, it is $7.00 for them, so long as they are 12 or younger. For the rest of us it is $10.00.

You can get your tickets that day, but you will have to stand in line! Want to spend less time in line, you can get your tickets in advance at

The Sierra College Natural History Museum is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. All of the proceeds from this event are used throughout the year to maintain our exhibits, provide programming and to make new and exciting installations in the facility. We cannot make the Museum perfect without you!

Map of Museum located on the Rocklin Campus of Sierra College

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