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Hallberg Merit Awards Exhibition

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  • Slide: Hallberg scholarship winner: Kelsey Bowen

    Hallberg scholarship winner: Kelsey Bowen

  • Slide: Hallberg scholarship winner: Cheryl May

    Hallberg scholarship winner: Cheryl May

  • Slide: Hallberg scholarship winner: Peggy Just Peterson

    Hallberg scholarship winner: Peggy Just Peterson

  • Slide: Hallberg scholarship winner: Debra Small

    Hallberg scholarship winner: Debra Small

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Ed and Kaylene Hallberg

For the past five years the Hallbergs have donated a $2000 annual gift to award to four Sierra College art students for their hard work and commitment.  The gift is divided equally between 4 students.

Ed and Kaylene leave the selections wholly to Sierra College instructors.

There are no strings attached to the monies what so ever.

The Hallbergs approached the art department five years ago and have given this gift each year since then.

These awards are directed to students that have moved through Sierra's art program and positively reflect the department.

We have a reception and brief award ceremony at the start of each Fall semester.

Ed and Kaylene intend their gifts to further and purely enrich  each student's creative desires and future plans.

This Year's Awardees

Kelsey Bowen

I draw inspiration from the environment around me, observing and filing away moments and emotions to later play out through my art. I feel strong desires to translate life into illusive imagery in order to strive to demand greater understanding of a given phenomenon. I want my pieces to pull in the imagination and to leave the mind wandering through the message, leaving through the back entrance with a new found belief in a system of communication. Art for me is a vessel taken by the mind to achieve a greater perception of the world around us all.

Kelsey Bowen

Cheryl May

Cheryl May is currently earning her BFA with an emphasis on painting and illustration coupled with women's studies. She is interested in creating art that raises awareness about social issues that arise from culturally accepted norms, roles and implications of gender. Her painting style varies from a subdued palette of light and shadow, to bold and colorful abstractions to suit the mood and purpose of the subject matter.

Cheryl May

Peggy Just Peterson

I learned in 4th grade that I had no artistic ability and completely gave up art—right up until a serious illness made me reconsider my life. I realized I needed a way to express myself creatively. Through a series of amazing coincidences, I ended up at a watercolor class in the south of France, and shortly after that, a private lesson with a local print-maker. I was hooked! There is a lack of control in printmaking that is engaging and fascinating to me; there is an element of surprise in every print. This medium also allows me to express myself using things that mean the most to me – found and natural objects, and images from my travels. I've learned an incredible life lesson: art can be fun!

Peggy Just Peterson

Debra Small

My passionate interest in photography started as a young child and has continued throughout my adult life. As a fine art photographer, my photographic images encompass many areas of the art form including landscape, still life, portraiture, and abstract. The imagery I create strives to extract the beauty in even the simplest or mundane of objects or settings. I shoot in digital as well as medium and large format film. Recently I have been delving into the realm of alternative process photography, exploring practices such as cyanotype, gum dichromate, and silver salt printing. These historic processes allow me to slow down and more thoroughly investigate the inner beauty and form of each image.

Debra Small

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