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Social Justice Week

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This year's event is scheduled for October 13-16, 2014.

Social Justice Week is a student-organized event, and as such, the students involved have chosen the theme of "Social Justice and the Arts" for this year.

Social justice art, and arts for social justice, encompasses a wide range of visual and performing art that aim to raise critical consciousness, build community, and motivate individuals to promote social change. Art has been used as a means to record history, shape culture, cultivate imagination, and harness individual and social transformation. It can not only be a means to generate awareness, but it can also be a catalyst to engage community members to take action around a social issue. Social justice art, consequently allows people to develop agency to interrupt and alter oppressive systemic patterns or individual behaviors. The processes by which people create and engage with art equips them with analytic tools to understand and challenge social injustices through social justice education (teaching for social justice), community building, and social activism/social movements. Examples of visual and performing social justice art includes: drawing, painting, sculpture, murals, graffiti, film, theater, music, dance, spoken word, etc. (Wikipedia)

There will be film presentations, lectures, and performances, all relating theatre and the arts to social justice. A calendar of events will follow...

"Social Justice Week will tackle some of the critical issues of our time and empower our students to take action," said Megan Seely, Sierra College Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies. "This week is dedicated to exploring and analyzing the barriers to education and the fundamental impact these barriers have to a just world."

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