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Walkout: Latino Film Festival Presentation

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Mar 25, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Rocklin Campus J Fireside Room (Campus Center, Café)
5000 Rocklin Rd., Rocklin, CA 95677
Jason Roberts, English Professor,
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La Semana Latina: A Week of Latina/o History, Culture and Significance

Event Details

Based on a true story, high school student, Paula Crisostomo, is tired of being treated unequally. She meets a group of student activists from around East Los Angeles and they decide to try to change the way students are treated. They are punished for speaking Spanish in school, bathrooms are locked during lunch, they are forced to do janitorial work as a punishent and many high school administrators actively discourage the less promising students from attending college. Inspired by her Chicano teacher Sal Castro, and despite opposition from her father, Paula joins in and helps hand out surveys to students to suggest improvements to the schools.

  • Director: Edward James Olmos
  • Story by: Victor Villasenor
  • Drama: (120 minutes)

The Latino Film Festival introduces audiences to the power of film as both an art form and an opportunity to learn. Whether it is focused in Realism, Classicism, or Formalism - from documentary to fiction to the avant-garde-films offer valuable points-of-view and, in the tech-driven 21st century, greater accessibility to those points-of-view. The Latino Film Festival offers viewers an opportunity to understand, evaluate, and see their own story in the films of others.

Sponsored by: The Puente Club, Dream Club, ASSC, New Legacy Committee, Social Science professor Sandra McDonald, Equal Employment Opportunity Committee and The Home Depot

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