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Love Your Body Week

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Apr 7–11, 9:00 AM - 8:30 PM
Rocklin Campus
5000 Rocklin Rd., Rocklin, CA 95677
Megan Seely,
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No matter what shape, size, or color our body is LOVE IT! It's the only one we've got.

Event Details

Love Your Body Week (LYBW) is an interdisciplinary event fully conceptualized, organized, and executed by Sierra College faculty, staff and students. The Love Your Body Campaign was started in 1998 by the National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation as a part of their Women’s Health Project. The intent of the Love Your Body campaign was to call attention to negative and harmful advertising and its impact on women and girls’ self esteem.

At Sierra College, we have broadened NOW’s original intent to include body issues that impact us all. Faculty, staff, and students came together in Spring 2007 to present a week of events to celebrate our bodies in all their diversities—size, shape, color, gender, abilities, etc. This week of events was such a success that we soon began to hear requests to create an annual event. A planning committee was formed and we began working on Love Your Body Week 2008. The planning continues and Love Your Body Week lives on at Sierra College!

The week of events on the Rocklin, Roseville Gateway, and Nevada County campuses celebrates our bodies in all their diversities—size, shape, color, gender, abilities, etc. Specific events will include speakers, films, panel discussions, student projects, poetry readings, the Great Jean Give-a-way, and a display of the Body Secrets of Sierra College. Love Your Body Week is an interdisciplinary event fully conceptualized, organized, and executed by Sierra College faculty, staff, and students. The public is invited and encouraged to attend this free week of events.

Here’s to loving our bodies! And to another successful year!

Logo design above by Sierra College student, Michael Ladeau (Logo contest winner for 2013 and 2014)

Kick off Love Your Body Week with the Second Chance Prom on Saturday April 5th 6-10pm.

All Week

Body of Work Art Show in Weaver Hall
Applied Art and Design Poster Projects, 2nd floor Weaver Hall
Viewing Booth Body Secrets of Sierra College in the Student Lounge (inside cafeteria)

Monday April 7th

Asking For It: America's Rape Culture
9:30-10:50am Rocklin Campus, Weaver 110
With History Professor Gena Estep
This workshop will explore the pervasive acceptance and defense of rape and rapists in the United States. Discussion will include a brief history of sexual morality, current political climate, and pop culture contributions in creating a culture that fosters sexual violence against girls and women while instilling predatory behaviors in boys and men.

Taboo: The Politics of Women’s Blood
11-12:20pm Rocklin Campus, Weaver 110
With Sociology and Women’s Studies Professor Megan Seely
Workshop will explore the historical roots of menstrual taboos and rituals. Workshop will also investigate current day attitudes--do taboos and rituals about menstruation still exist today??

Whiteness: A Culture of Privilege
12:30-1:50pm Rocklin Campus, C-4
With History Professor Jay Hester
This workshop will examine the history of white privilege in American society and its effect on both whites and people of color to the present. This is not a workshop about assigning guilt, but instead an effort to explain why understanding privilege is an important facet in the push for social equality and the development of a healthy sense of self.

Love your Body (and the World) by eating a mostly plant based diet
3:30-4:50 pm Rocklin Campus, D12
With SC Athletic Director Roz Goldenberg

Movie Night with the FMLA: Miss Representation
6:30-8:30pm Rocklin Campus, Weaver 110
Join the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance for a viewing of Miss Representation. Afterwards, the club will hold an open discussion on impact of media on women and social and political representation.
Hosted by the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance Student Club

Tuesday April 8th

Sierra College Health Center Blood Drive
9am-3pm Rocklin Campus, Cafeteria

9:30-10:50am Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room
With Anthropology Professor Matt Archer
Ever been told to “man up?” Perhaps you've chided someone to “act like a man?” Most of us have at least witnessed some similar sort of gender policing, but few of us stop to contemplate what such incidents reveal about gender issues in our culture and in our lives. In this workshop we'll discuss what such statements mean, why we use them, what they do and why it all matters. We'll address findings from previous “man up!”surveys and focus groups, participate in a new survey and share our current perspectives and experiences about being manly. Please come join this ongoing conversation to collaborate towards addressing the important issues of masculinity in American culture and hopefully leave with more thoughtful, fluid and fruitful ways of “manning up.”

Twenty-six years old with no missed or abnormal Pap tests and had the Gardasil vaccine, dead from cervical cancer within a year of diagnosis. How did this happen?
11-12:20pm Rocklin Campus, L193
With SC Counselor Nancy Martinis
This workshop will educate you about Pap tests, HPV (human papilloma virus) and current gynecological standard of care guidelines for women under 30. What you need to know so this does not happen to you or someone you love.

Got Consent? CANCELLED
12:30-1:50pm Rocklin campus, Fireside Room
Hosted by the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance Student Club
A panel discussion during which students will share their personal definitions of consent and their experiences with violations of their consent, sexual and otherwise.

Loving Your Scars
2-3:20pm Rocklin campus, Fireside Room
The LGBTIQ Mental Health Peer Advocates will be addressing the difficult topic of embracing ones' self-harm scars. They will breach the negative views society holds towards those who have self-harmed as well as how to avoid future relapses.

Me, Myself, and I: A cultural history of masturbation and enhancing pleasure in intimate relationships.
3:30-4:50pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room
With Psychology Professors Soni Verma and Stephanie Coday
Workshop will explore the cultural history of solitary sex and the world sexual enhancers. We will examine the pleasure areas of the body including a comparison of male and female anatomy. An assortment of sex toys will be presented including vibrators, ben wa balls, and sleeves. This discussion will be sexually explicit in nature and intended for an adult/mature audience. Handling of the props is encouraged!

Wednesday April 9th

Sierra College Health Center Blood Drive
9am-3pm Rocklin Campus, Cafeteria

Objects of Desire: The Female Nude in Art
9:30-10:50am Rocklin Campus, Weaver 110
With SC Art History Professor Brenna Chapman
This workshop will explore the history of the female nude in western art and how it trains us to view the female body through the lens of the male gaze.

Cross Cultural Perspectives on Beauty
11-12:20pm Rocklin Campus, Weaver 110
With Anthropology Professor Jennifer Molina-Stidger
Every culture is a beauty culture but standards for beauty can be quite diverse. What is beauty to you, those around you, and humans around the world—do you share the same ideas and motivations? An anthropological perspective of beauty with contributions by Sierra College students.

LYBW Faire
10-2pm Rocklin campus in the Quad (cafeteria if raining)
Join us in the quad for student projects, community agencies and information, campus clubs, and interactive events all celebrating Love Your Body Week!

Coming Out Stories and Personal Experiences:
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Voices
3:30-4:50pm Rocklin campus, D12
Panel hosted by the Rainbow Alliance
Please join the Rainbow Alliance and LGBT students of Sierra College as they candidly share their experiences as being part of the LGBT community. This will be a panel discussion and questions will be welcomed.

HIV Conversion--Not Change CANCELLED
6-9pm Rocklin campus, W110
Rocco DeMarco, co-host of Pride Live on Talk 650-Saturday nights, 10-12 p.m., will describe his life, both before after his HIV diagnosis.

Thursday April 10th

Global Feminism
11-12:20pm Rocklin Campus, MT-11
With SC Student Lehma Sawez
Due to our media filtering, the activism and efforts of women to achieve gender equity in developing nations is rarely recognized. Instead, western nations, like the United States, speak for and define the struggles of women internationally. This presentation will recognize the hard work of women worldwide, specifically in developing nations, and their fight for gender equity.

Live Ready: Personal Defense Readiness CANCELLED
12:30-1:50pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room
With Police Officer Rick Randolph
Are you ready to protect yourself and your loved ones in a violent encounter? Self-Defense is not just for martial artists and athletes. It is for everyone who cares about their safety and that of their family. Protecting ourselves in a violent world is less about punches, kicks, and submission holds and more about awareness, diffusion, and a few basic, integrated tactics that we can all do. It is a mindset that helps us “Live Ready!” Rick Randolph is a full-time police officer in Northern California.

Sex Sells: When Advertisers Create Your Reality
2-3:20pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room
With History Professor Janet Rankin
This presentation will include a showing of the film Killing Us Softly IV: Advertising's Image of Women which is an honest and scathing look at what advertisers are really selling us followed by a discussion of the film and impact of the media on gender identity.

The Art of Body Modification
3:30-4:50pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room
SC student Kyle Ketsdever will be discussing the history and cultural relevance of body modifications in the United States. He will break down the stigma and dispute the discrimination that surrounds body mods in our society. Finally, he will discuss the reasons that body alteration can be a positive form of self-expression.

Yoga for Every BODY
5-6pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room
With History Professor Janet Rankin
Yoga is a way of being (not doing), so you can practice it anywhere. Join us for a fun, relaxing, meditative hour of chair yoga (no mat or special clothes required). We will sit quietly, stretch gently, and breathe. Every BODY of any age or ability is welcome to attend.

In collaboration with the Guest Writers’ Series, Love Your Body Week is happy to include author Rayme Waters
7pm Rocklin Campus, Weaver 110
Born in San Francisco, Rayme Waters grew up in Northern California and the city of Linköping, Sweden. Her short stories, from the collection The Island of Misfit Girls, have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and a Dzanc Award and awarded a South Notable Story distinction. Rayme’s debut novel, The Angels’ Share, is the story of a young woman rebuilding her life while working at a small Sonoma County winery.

Friday, April 11th

Confronting Sexism: Building a Safer Campus Together
9-12 Rocklin Campus, M4
Hosted by faculty and students from the Gender Equity Committee and with Stand Up Placer
Have you experienced sexism on campus? Ever wonder if you have acted sexist? Join us to explore conscious and unconscious sexism and ways to create a safer campus together.

Sponsored by: Associated Students of Sierra College, the Gender Equity Committee, Sierra College Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, NCC Choices Club

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