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Love Your Body Week

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Apr 13–17, 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Rocklin Campus Quad and many location around campus (between the Campus Center and Winstead)
5000 Rocklin Rd., Rocklin, CA 95677
Megan Seely,
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No matter what shape, size, or color our body is LOVE IT! It's the only one we get!

Event Details

Love Your Body Week (LYBW) is an interdisciplinary event fully conceptualized, organized, and executed by Sierra College faculty, staff and students. The Love Your Body Campaign was started in 1998 by the National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation as a part of their Women’s Health Project. The intent of the Love Your Body campaign was to call attention to negative and harmful advertising and its impact on women and girls’ self esteem.

At Sierra College, we have broadened NOW’s original intent to include body issues that impact us all. Faculty, staff, and students came together in Spring 2007 to present a week of events to celebrate our bodies in all their diversities—size, shape, color, gender, abilities, etc. This week of events was such a success that we soon began to hear requests to create an annual event. A planning committee was formed and we began working on Love Your Body Week 2008. The planning continues and Love Your Body Week lives on at Sierra College!

The week of events on the Rocklin, Roseville Gateway, and Nevada County campuses celebrates our bodies in all their diversities—size, shape, color, gender, abilities, etc. Specific events will include speakers, films, panel discussions, student projects, poetry readings, the Great Jean Give-a-way, and a display of the Body Secrets of Sierra College. Love Your Body Week is an interdisciplinary event fully conceptualized, organized, and executed by Sierra College faculty, staff, and students. The public is invited and encouraged to attend this free week of events.

Here’s to loving our bodies! And to another successful year!

2015 Schedule of Events

All Week

Identitḗ et image Student Photography in Weaver Hall

Dualities Student Photographer Debra Small in the Student Lounge

Monday April 13

Objects of Desire: The Female Nude in Art *

9:30-10:50am in Weaver 110

With Art History Professor Brenna Chapman

This workshop will explore the history of the female nude in western art and how it trains us to view the female body through the lens of the male gaze.

Reproductive Justice: Decolonizing Women’s Bodies *

11-12:20pm Rocklin Campus, Weaver 110

With Sociology and Women’s Studies Professor Megan Seely and Outreach & Education Coordinator, Emily Loen from Women’s Health Specialists

Workshop will explore a broader understanding of women’s reproductive lives. We will explore the connections between history, culture, racism, classism, and sexism as they influence and impact women’s reproductive health care access. Workshop topics will include abortion, birth control, adoption, politics, legislation, court rulings, and information about women-centered, women-controlled health care. Participate in the Walk In My Shoes activity.

Asking For It: America's Rape Culture *

12:30-1:50pm Rocklin Campus, D12

With History Professor Gena Estep

This workshop will explore the pervasive acceptance and defense of rape and rapists in the United States. Discussion will include a brief history of sexual morality, current political climate, and pop culture contributions in creating a culture that fosters sexual violence against girls and women while instilling predatory behaviors in boys and men.

Don't Tell Us to Smile: The Problematic Nature of Street Harassment

2-3:20pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room

With SC Student Ashley Brown

In this student presentation, Ashley Brown will define street harassment, present real-life testimonials from women and girls who have experienced harassment, share statistics of when street harassment goes beyond verbal harassment, and detail ways in which we can all combat it.

Miss Representation Film Screening and Discussion *

5-7pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room

Join the Feminist Action Club for a viewing of Miss Representation. Afterwards, join the club and Professor Megan Seely for a discussion on the impact of media on women and social and political representation.

Hosted by the Feminist Action Club

Tuesday April 14th

Sexual Assault 101- An Introduction to Sexual Assault *

9:30-10:50am Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room

With Amy Maggard, Sexual Assault Services Coordinator, Stand Up Placer

Was I sexually assaulted? Does NO really mean NO? Was it my fault- Am I to blame? Sexual Assault 101 is an introductory presentation on sexual assault. The presentation will cover several facets of sexual assault, including the various forms of sexual assault, the prevalence of sexual assault in our society, the effects of sexual assault on survivors and the various ways that sexual assault is normalized in the media/society today.

Invisible Wounds: Recognizing the signs of suicidality, stress and substance-related disorders *

11-12:20pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room

With SC Professor Brigitte Elder

Serious mental health challenges are common in our society, yet hard to talk about. There is often a stigma in revealing psychological problems, and the invisible nature of psychopathology makes it difficult to recognize. This workshop will offer a frank discussion about suicidality, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and substance dependence and abuse. Topics will include: warning signs and symptoms, risk factors, and ways to support those with mental health challenges.

Coming Out Stories and Personal Experiences: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) Voices

12:30-1:45pm Rocklin campus, Fireside Room

Panel hosted by the Rainbow Alliance and the Sierra College Peer Advocates with counselor Mary Moon

Please join the Peer Advocates, Rainbow Alliance, and LGBT students of Sierra College as they candidly share their experiences as being part of the LGBT community. This will be a panel discussion and questions will be welcomed.

Sex Sells: When Advertisers Create Your Reality *

2-3:20pm Rocklin Campus, W110

With History Professor Janet Rankin

This presentation will include a showing of the film Killing Us Softly IV: Advertising's Image of Women which is an honest and scathing look at what advertisers are really selling us followed by a discussion of the film and impact of the media on gender identity.

Yoga for Every BODY

3:30-4:30pm Rocklin Campus, LRC 201

With History Professor/Yoga Teacher Janet Rankin and the Yoga Club

Yoga is a way of being (not doing), so you can practice it anywhere. Join us for a fun, relaxing, meditative hour of chair yoga (no mat or special clothes required). We will sit quietly, stretch gently, and breathe. Every BODY of any age or ability is welcome to attend.

The Mask We Live In Film Screening and Discussion *

5-7pm Rocklin Campus, Fireside room

Discussion led by Anthropology Professor Matt Archer and Sociology Professor Jason Logan

New film from the makers of Miss Representation!!! From the website: The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. Pressured by the media, their peer group, and even the adults in their lives, our protagonists confront messages encouraging them to disconnect from their emotions, devalue authentic friendships, objectify and degrade women, and resolve conflicts through violence. These gender stereotypes interconnect with race, class, and circumstance, creating a maze of identity issues boys and young men must navigate to become “real” men. Experts in neuroscience, psychology, sociology, sports, education, and media also weigh in, offering empirical evidence of the “boy crisis” and tactics to combat it. The Mask You Live In ultimately illustrates how we, as a society, can raise a healthier generation of boys and young men.

Wednesday April 15

No means No, even in intimate relationships *

9:30-10:50am Rocklin Campus, Fireside Room

With Amy Maggard, Sexual Assault Services Coordinator, Stand Up Placer

Did you know that sexual assault is often used as a component of Domestic Violence to control and intimidate a partner's actions or behavior? Intimate partner violence is a common form of violence that needs to be taken seriously. 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. Come learn more about Intimate Partner Violence, how you can help someone in need and about local resources available to help.

LYBW Faire

10-2pm Rocklin campus in the Quad

Join us in the quad for student projects, community agencies and information, campus clubs, and interactive events all celebrating Love Your Body Week!

Body Secrets of Sierra College Viewing Booth 10-2pm in the Quad

Come view the body secrets you submitted along with those submitted from the Sierra College community.

Slam Poetry

12:30-2pm Rocklin Campus, Quad

Slam Poetry on the Quad with spoken-word artists Jovi Radtke and Erica Ambrin. Jovi Radtke is a spoken-word artist who believes art has the power to heal and rebuild. More than anything, Jovi believes that honest expressions of love and joy will save the world. Erica Ambrin is a singer/songwriter who shares music that feeds the mind, body, and soul. Erica’s passion is to touch lives through this gift. Scheduled performances will be followed by an open-mic opportunity for the community at large to share their self-loving and body-positive spoken-word messages. Contact Rebecca Quinn at if you are interested in participating.

Me, Myself, and I: A cultural history of masturbation and enhancing pleasure in intimate relationships *

2-3:20pm Rocklin Campus, LRC 107

With Psychology Professors Soni Verma and Stephanie Coday

Workshop will explore the cultural history of solitary sex and the world of sexual enhancers. We will examine the pleasure areas of the body including a comparison of male and female anatomy. An assortment of sex toys will be presented including vibrators, ben wa balls, and sleeves. This discussion will be sexually explicit in nature and intended for an adult/mature audience. Handling of the props is encouraged!

Thursday April 16

Confronting Sexism!

9:30-10:30am Rocklin Campus, LRC 445

Join SC student Gabby Ramirez

We will discuss where conscious and unconscious sexism meet and understand how it affects all of us.

Using mindfulness in guided imagery to create a stronger connection between the mind and body *

11-12noon Rocklin Campus, LRC 201

With Health Professor Roz Goldenberg

Live Ready: Personal Defense Readiness

2-3:20pm Rocklin Campus, W110

With Police Officer Rick Randolph

Are you ready to protect yourself and your loved ones in a violent encounter? Self-Defense is not just for martial artists and athletes. It is for everyone who cares about their safety and that of their family. Protecting ourselves in a violent world is less about punches, kicks, and submission holds and more about awareness, diffusion, and a few basic, integrated tactics that we can all do. It is a mindset that helps us “Live Ready!” Rick Randolph is a retired police officer in Northern California.

Not For Sale: A Panel on Human Trafficking *

Photo by Randy Snook6-8pm Rocklin Campus, Weaver 110

With an estimate of 27 million individuals trafficked worldwide, Human Trafficking is a global crisis no one can ignore. Learn more. Get educated. And take action. Join this expert panel who will share personal stories, direct services, organizational support, and examples of activism addressing trafficking…here locally as well as worldwide.


  • Carol Watson, FBI Victim Specialists
  • Chief Ron Lawrence, Rocklin Police Department
  • Amy Maggard, Sexual Assault Services Coordinator
  • Katrina Charan, mother of a trafficked victim
  • Christina Delfs, Courage Worldwide
  • Moderated by Randi Swisley, League of Women Voters

Photo exhibit by SC Photography Professor Randy Snook

*Available for faculty flex credit

Sponsored by: Associated Students of Sierra College and the Gender Equity Committee.

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