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DegreeWorks is a computerized, web-based degree audit program and academic advising tool that has been designed to assist students and their counselors in reviewing their progress toward graduation. This program takes the courses from the student transcript (which is arranged chronologically) and reorganizes them so counselors and students can see the completed and remaining degree requirements by categories. Find it on the Home Menu of mySierra under 'Counseling, Academic Planning and Degree Progress'.

DegreeWorks Features

Worksheets Tab

The Worksheets Tab displays student progress toward completion of their degree requirements. It also displays students’ major and educational goal, catalog year, academic status, hold information, overall grade point average, and transfer credit information. Other information that is displayed on the Worksheet are: General Education requirements, Major requirements, Learning Skills, Remedial Courses needed, elective courses as well as insufficient courses.

What-If Link

What-If Audits allow counselors and students to process speculative degree audits for students using their current class history. Students can use this link if they are thinking of changing their majors and would like to know where they stand in the new curriculum.

Planner Tab

The Planner contains the Planner Audit, which is similar to the Student Audit with a grid-like feature called Student Educational Plan (SEP) that counselors can use to create a schedule plan for as many as 3 years. Students can only view (but not create or edit) these planned schedules.

Please let us know what you think by emailing the DegreeWorks Manager at

Frequently Asked Questions


This is the major you declared when you applied to Sierra or updated the last time you registered for classes. If this is not your current major, you can change it using the 'Counseling, Academic Planning and Degree Progress' link, then the 'Change My Major' link on the Home Menu of mySierra.

Catalog Year

This is the year that you began taking classes at Sierra College without more than a one semester break. You have a choice of using this catalog year, or any year thereafter, as long as continuous enrollment has been maintained when doing a “What if”.

What does Academic Status mean?

Academic status will show you if you are in “Satisfactory Academic Standing”, meaning you have at least a 2.0 grade point average, or if you are on “Academic Probation”, your cumulative grade point average is below a 2.0 and you will not be allowed to enroll in more than 13 units. “Academic Dismissal” means that you have been dismissed from Sierra College because your grade point average has been below a 2.0 for 3 semesters or below a 1.0 for two semesters. Please contact your counselor for more information.


If you have any holds on your record that will keep you from registering or ordering a transcript you will see it here. To see more information about your hold, use the “Registration Status” link in the Registration channel of mySierra. On the bottom of the page you will see a link to “View Holds”.

Overall GPA

This is your grade point average of all the classes you have taken at Sierra College and includes any other college classes shown on your Sierra College transcript. This may not be your degree applicable grade point average.

Transfer Units Earned

If you have attended other colleges, you will need to submit your official transcripts to Admissions and Records. If you have completed less than 30 units at all other colleges, we will put your other college classes into the system so you can see them in DegreeWorks. If you have completed more than 30 total units at other colleges and you have submitted your transcripts and do not see your total other college units posted in the header area within 4 weeks, please send an email to Be sure to include your student id#, what other colleges you attended and the dates your transcripts were sent. Once your official transcripts have been received, you may request that they be added to your DegreeWorks audit using the email link above.

What is the difference between an AA and an AS?

An AS degree, also called an Associate of Science degree, is awarded for majors that are vocational or technical in nature. An AA degree, or Associate of Arts degree, is awarded for majors that are considered liberal arts related. However, many majors allow you the choice of either degree. The difference is that the AS degree requires a lab science. Check with a counselor for specific requirements.

How do I know if a class has a prerequisite?

Most classes will have an asterisk (*) after them if they require prerequisite class work. To see the required prerequisite, select the class. The class description will open and you can see any required prerequisites.

Why are some of my classes shown under “Electives”?

Classes that are not used to fulfill general education, learning skills, or major requirements will be used as electives. The units will count towards the 60 units needed for a degree.

Why are some of my classes shown under “Not Counted”?

Classes that do not apply towards your degree, will go into the not counted area. These would include remedial level math and English classes or non-transferable classes, if your degree is a AA Transfer or AS Transfer degree.

Why are some of my classes shown under “Insufficient”?

Classes in which you have withdrawn from and/or if you did not receive a passing grade will show as insufficient and are not degree applicable. You will also see classes for your major here if you did not receive a “C” or better.

What is “What If”?

If the major showing on your worksheet is not correct, or you would like to explore other majors you may use the “What If” feature. Just select “What If”, then select your Goal, then select your Catalog Year. You can either choose the year in which you first started at Sierra without taking more than a one semester break, or, if you are close to finishing, choose the year in which you will complete your degree or certificate. Then pick your Major. If you do not see your major, be sure you have selected the correct goal. Some of our majors are only certificates or AS degrees and if you choose AA degree as your goal, they will not show on the Major list.

How do I know which goal to choose, there are so many?

Yes, that’s the great thing about Sierra. Our catalog is a good resource to explore all the options available to you here. You can access it here:

How do I know which general education to use?

You have a choice to use “Sierra GE” or “CSU GE” or “IGETC for CSU” or “IGETC for UC” for your general education. What you choose would depend on your ultimate goal. If you plan to get a degree from Sierra and not transfer, you may want to choose “Sierra GE”. If you plan to get a degree from Sierra, then transfer, you should choose the general education that would follow your transfer general education requirements. The requirements for an AA or AS degree do not mean that you’ve completed the classes needed for transfer, even if you choose CSU GE or IGETC. You can check to see the classes needed for your major for transfer on

What is double counting and can I do it?

If you are using the 2011/12 catalog or later, you may use a course both in your major and for general education. If you are using the 2009/10 or 2010/11 catalog, you may not use a course in your major and general education. You can only use the course in one area.

What if I don’t want a degree from Sierra but I’m transferring to a UC or CSU? Can I still use DegreeWorks?

Yes, you can use “What If” to check to see that you are completing the CSU General Education Breadth Requirements (CSU GE) or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC). Just choose CSU or IGETC Worksheet as your goal, choose the current catalog year and do not choose a major. To find the classes you need for your major for transfer use Or, you may choose AA Transfer or AS Transfer degrees if we offer one in your major.

Does the DegreeWorks audit show all my classes even if I have taken them at another college?

No. But, you may request that your other college courses be added to DegreeWorks. Your official transcripts must be on file with admissions and records and you must not have completed more than 30 other college units. Send your request to

Do I automatically graduate if everything is complete?

In order to request a degree or certificate, you must file a petition. The petition is available in the counseling office. There is no fee to petition for a degree or certificate. You should be enrolled or have completed the final classes required for your degree before petitioning. The deadlines to petition are:

  • October 1 for fall degrees or certificates
  • March 1 for spring and summer degrees or certificates

Please see your counselor for a degree evaluation and petition.

Who can show me how to use DegreeWorks effectively?

If you need help, you can meet with a counselor for assistance. Please call the counseling office at (916) 660-7400 to schedule an appointment. If you have questions or concerns you can send those to

What if I think my audit is incorrect?

If you think that a requirement for a major or general education is incorrect, you should meet with your counselor or send an email to the DegreeWorks advisor.   You will be notified by e-mail as your concern is addressed. Remember that the DegreeWorks audit is an aid to advisement; it is not an official degree audit.  If you have applied for a degree or certificate, you can monitor the progress by using the “View Transcript” link in the Registration channel of mySierra.  At the top of the transcript you will see your Degree Petition Status.

What if I have questions or concerns or suggestions?

Please email the DegreeWorks advisor with questions or suggestions.

You are encouraged to use this degree audit report as a guide when planning your progress toward completion of the above requirements. Your counselor may be contacted for assistance in interpreting this report. This audit is not your academic transcript and it is not official notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements. Please contact your counselor regarding this degree audit report or your official degree/certificate completion status. You may view a copy of your academic transcript or order an official transcript in the Registration channel of mySierra.

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