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Email Counseling

Email counseling is available to all Sierra College students. Please take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions option. If you cannot find your answer there, please complete the email Counseling Intake Form. If your question is complex, you may be asked to schedule an in-person counseling appointment. Please note that dismissal petitions will not be processed by way of email counseling.

CAUTION: Any information you submit is insecure and could be observed by a third party while in transit. If you are considering submitting confidential information that you would like to keep private, it would safer for you to schedule an in-person individual appointment.

I accept. Take me to the email Counseling Intake Form.

If you do not receive a reply to this email counseling form question within 48 hours (with consideration given for our normal office hours), please call (916) 660-7400.

Counseling Webinars

A webinar is a web-based seminar that takes place live in Adobe Connect e-conferencing technology. You will need a computer with a high speed Internet connection and you will be able to see the presentation and listen in using your computer speakers. A webcam/microphone is not required as a text chat feature will be utilized during the webinar for participants to ask questions.

This new service will be available soon.

Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to in future Counseling Webinars:

  • New Student Group Counseling 
  • Transfer and Career Topics 

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