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Getting the Most Out of Your Education at Sierra College

Academic Services and Programs

Everyone at Sierra College wants you to succeed. You’ll have access to a vast array of support resources that actually begin before you ever set foot in a classroom.

Before you even register, the assessment center helps determine your current skill level that ensures you take classes that are the right fit for you. Counselors will work with you to devise an academic plan to fit your interests and goals.

Once classes begin, you’ll have many academic support options to help you succeed as a student and get the best grades possible.

The Counseling Department mission statement explains it all:

We provide superior academic, personal and career counseling, orientation, crisis intervention and follow-up, and referral services to Sierra College students, prospective students and the community.

Since all new students must complete Orientation, the Counseling Department is often the first contact a student has with the college. However, our counselors are available to meet with you upon appointment to discuss study skills, changes in majors or which classes will help you transfer to the school of your choice.

Sierra College Academic Support Options

Resource Centers and Labs

Sierra College’s Rocklin campus provides numerous support centers and labs for use by all students:

Assistive Technology Center

The ATC is a specialized training center serving all students with disabilities. Students receive individualized training and hands-on practice.

Computer Lab/Learning Center

This is the place for general tutoring in nearly every academic area. Our center consists of a large computer lab equipped with 70 PCs. All computers have internet access and can be used at any time by students and faculty. The Assistive Technology Lab is also in the Learning Center.

ESL (English as a Second Language) Lab

This is the perfect resource for students new to English. We have two state-of-the-art ESL computer classrooms with 19 different software programs for practicing English skills. There are ESL internet links with hundreds of internet activities. Our ESL Extensive Reading Collection has hundreds of books at a range of ability levels.

Library (Learning Resource Center)

Our state-of-the-art, multi-level LRC serves the community with reference materials, meeting rooms, and electronic and print resources.

Math Center

Whether you’re a math major or just having a hard time with the subject, the Math Center is a comprehensive, focused resource. We provide peer tutoring in a relaxed atmosphere designed for study or homework. The facility has Microsoft and math software-equipped PCs.

Writing Center

The Writing Center assists Sierra students with writing assignments and projects on all college subjects. The center works one-on-one with students on a drop-in basis throughout the writing process, from initial idea forming to final draft proofreading. There are 32 PCs installed with Microsoft Word, free internet and access to the Sierra College library research database. Handouts are available, covering topics such as the MLA and APA handbooks, grammar charts, thesis statements and literary analysis.

Tutoring and Learning Assistance Programs

There are many learning assistance options available to students:

Sierra College Learning Center

“The Learning Center’s goal is to provide our students with the academic support they need in order to achieve classroom success.”

All students who use the Learning Center are automatically enrolled in the non-credit course, Skill Development 801. Students seeking a flexible tutoring option can select a drop-in schedule. Just show up with your Sierra student ID at one of the many scheduled drop-in times.

Students looking for individualized, one-on-one sessions can meet with a tutor for one hour per week for every enrolled class.

Student Success Workshops

The Counseling Department Mission explains it all:

"To provide superior academic, personal, and career counseling, orientation, crisis intervention, follow-up, and referral services to our Sierra College students, prospective students, and community."

Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge at Sierra College is a way for students who just barely missed assessing into English A, 50, or Math 582 to make up course work and tighten skills so that they can get into those classes. Summer Bridge is a short summer program that will save a semester of coursework, and the best part is that it is free.

The Summer Bridge 2011 courses are: English 571Math 581PD 8Summer Bridge Application (.pdf)

Please contact Mark Kwoka ( for questions. Enroll soon; space is limited.

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