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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

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What is an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)?

It is a new type of degree available from California community colleges, specifically designed for use by students transferring as juniors to the CSU system.

What does the Associate Degree for Transfer program do for me?

  • Creates an Associate Degree for Transfer that guarantees your admission with junior standing to the California State University system.
  • Defines this associate degree as having 60 transferrable units that include a minimum of 18 units in a major or area of emphasis and an approved general education curriculum (either IGETC or CSU GE Breadth).
  • Provides you with priority admission consideration to your local California State University campus and to a program or major that is similar to the major or area of emphasis you studied at your community college.
  • Prohibits the California State University from requiring you to repeat courses that are similar to those completed at your community college as part of your Associate Degree for Transfer.
  • Prohibits the California State University from requiring you to take more than 60 units to complete a 120-unit baccalaureate degree.
  • Reduces the need to take unnecessary courses, thereby shortening your time to degree completion and reducing your costs at the community college and California State University.
  • Eliminates confusion caused by different and shifting major preparation requirements that can vary by each California State University campus.
  • For more information please visit the Associate Degree for Transfer website at

Current Associate Degrees for Transfer Available at Sierra College

More information in our catalog.

  • Administration of Justice for Transfer: AS-T
  • Anthropology for Transfer: AA-T
  • Art History for Transfer: AA-T
  • Business Administration for Transfer: AS-T
  • **Computer Science for Transfer: AS-T
  • Communication Studies for Transfer: AA-T
  • Early Childhood Education for Transfer: AS-T
  • Economics for Transfer: AA-T
  • English for Transfer: AA-T
  • Geography for Transfer: AA-T
  • Geology for Transfer: AS-T
  • History for Transfer: AA-T
  • Journalism for Transfer: AA-T
  • Kinesiology for Transfer: AA-T
  • Mathematics for Transfer: AS-T
  • Philosophy for Transfer: AA-T
  • Physics for Transfer: AS-T
  • Political Science for Transfer: AA-T
  • Psychology for Transfer: AA-T
  • Sociology for Transfer: AA-T
  • Spanish for Transfer: AA-T
  • Studio Arts for Transfer: AA-T
  • Theatre Arts for Transfer: AA-T

**The Computer Science for Transfer AS-T degree requires completion of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC). CSU GE is not an option.

What if my major isn’t in the list above?

New ADT degrees are being developed all the time. Check with your counselor to see if your major’s ADT is in progress and how to best plan for earning it. Not all majors will have ADTs developed; you would then use the CSU General Education sheet and Assist ( articulations to build your educational plan.

Sierra College Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Process


  • Meet with a counselor to determine if an ADT will work for you, based on your major and transfer school choice(s).
    • If you have coursework from other colleges, or AP/IB test scores, request and send official transcripts to Sierra College Admissions & Records as soon as possible.
    • Follow the ADT major and the general education pattern you and your counselor have chosen.
    • See a counselor every semester to update your educational plan.

ONE YEAR before you plan to transfer:

  • See your counselor early in the semester to complete an preliminary petition for an ADT degree at Sierra College. (Petition deadlines are Fall transfers = Oct 1, Spring/Summer transfers = February 15.)
    • Request and complete course substitutions and CSU General Education pass-along or IGETC certification with your counselor.
  • Apply to the CSU(s) of your choice. Fall transfers typically apply in November; Spring transfers apply in August. Check  for official deadlines and to access the CSU application.
    • Be sure to indicate on your application that you intend to earn an ADT. The CSU’s you apply to will notify you of any additional steps or requirements.
    • Application workshops and assistance are available through Career and Transfer Connections.

LAST SEMESTER before transferring:

  • Sierra College will issue an “Intent to Earn a Transfer Degree” letter to eligible ADT students.
    • Notifications will be sent to your mySierra email from the Sierra College Career and Transfer Connections regarding your status and intent letter.
  • You will need to submit your Intent Letters to the CSU’s you have applied to by their published deadline.
  • Continue to follow all instructions and deadlines of your CSU to complete your application process and transfer successfully.

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