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Learning Center: Information for Faculty

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The Sierra College Learning Center (LRC 444, Rocklin Campus, and Library 210, NCC) provides academic support services for most college courses. The core of these services is one-to-one peer tutoring, delivered by student tutors who have successfully completed course work and are recommended by their instructors.

Faculty can use and support our efforts in two ways: by referring students who could benefit from tutoring services and by providing recommendations for students who would be great tutors.

Referring Students for Tutoring

We encourage you to recommend the tutoring service to your students. Tutoring appointments can be made in person or by phone: 916 660-7220

In addition to one-on-one tutoring, drop-in tutoring is also available for many subjects.

Help us Recruit your Best Students

Speak personally with your best students about the possibility of working as a peer tutor for the college. We have found this is to be the best way to recruit outstanding tutors.

If a student asks you to recommend her/him as a tutor, please consider carefully if the student possesses a solid grasp of the subject.The Learning Center depends entirely on faculty to evaluate a potential tutor’s subject competency.

Below is an information sheet and application that you can give to interested students, as well as the required faculty recommendation form.

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