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Dorms Frequently Asked Questions

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Residence Hall Information

Where are the Residence Halls located?

The Residence Halls are located in the Z building (North Hall) on the west side of the Rocklin campus. Only the Rocklin campus has Residence Halls.

Where is the Housing Office located?

The Housing Office is located in North Hall just left of the main doors.

How many students live in the Residence Halls?

The Residence Halls can house a total of 120 students.

Telephone, internet and furnishings?

How are the rooms furnished?

Each room has two extra-long twin beds, two desks and chairs, two closets, and two dressers.

Is there a telephone line / internet connection in each room?

Wireless internet is available in the Residence Halls provided by Associated Students of Sierra College. All rooms are wired for telephone and internet to allow residents to sign up for their own service.

What else is available in the halls?

There is a study room, recreation room, and kitchen in the Residence Halls. The recreation room has a pool table, ping-pong table, and television with a DVD and VCR player. The kitchen is located inside the recreation room and includes a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and some cooking utilities.

Are there laundry facilities in the Residence Halls?

Credit card operated laundry facilities are available for use by residents. In addition, there is a microwave for use in each laundry facility.

Are the halls co-ed?

North Hall is a co-ed hall with two students in a room and two rooms sharing an adjoining bathroom. The four people who share the bathroom will be the same gender. The next set of rooms can be of the same or opposite gender.

Are Residence Hall tours offered?

For tours of the campus (including the Residence Halls), please click on the Tours link on the Sierra College web site. All other Residence Hall tours are by appointment; please contact our office if you would like to schedule an appointment. Please keep in mind that we are only able to show a room if one is vacant at the time of the tour.

I have a vehicle. Where can I park?

Residents are able to park one vehicle on campus with the purchase of a Residence Hall parking permit. The residence hall parking lot is located adjacent to the residence hall. Residence Hall parking permits can be purchased only at the Campus Parking and Security Office.

What should I bring and how are the rooms set up?

Click here for a suggested check list of items to bring.

Here are computerized pictures of a quad/room in North Hall.

More about on-campus housing

Community Living

Q. When will I know what hall I will live in and who my roommate will be?A. You will find out what hall you are in when you move in. Roommate assignments are done prior to opening and residents will be informed of who their roommate will be when they move into the Residence Halls.

Q. How are roommates assigned?A. Room assignments are based on the information supplied by you in your License Agreement. Staff reviews your information and takes your stated preference in consideration while assigning rooms. Considerable effort is made to honor specific requests and to meet individual needs when making room and roommate assignments. However, heavy demands for specific halls sometimes make it impossible to satisfy all individual requests. Sierra College assigns roommates without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, or physical limitation.

Q. What happens if I want a different room or roommate?A. Sharing a room can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of living on campus. Recognize that adjusting to a roommate takes a great deal of compromise and negotiation. The key to making a roommate relationship work is to discuss each other's likes and dislikes and to come to some agreements. Room changes can be requested but are not always available. The professional staff will work with the residents to ease the transition when necessary.

Q. What are the policies concerning drugs and alcohol?A. The use or presence of illegal drugs and alcohol is counter-productive to the educational process and their presence is strictly prohibited in the residence halls or anywhere on campus. State law prohibits anyone, regardless of age, from possessing alcoholic beverages on a community college campus (Section 25608 Business & Professions Code). District policy and Residence Hall rules support this law. Alcohol and other drug paraphernalia are not allowed in or anywhere near either Residence Hall. Violation may result in eviction. Any resident found to be in the presence of or possessing any alcoholic beverage or any illegal drug or paraphernalia in or around the residence halls may be evicted from campus housing on their first offense. Additionally, violators may be subject to suspension, expulsion, or arrest.

Q. What are the policies concerning smoking?A. Sierra College Board Policy states that the use of tobacco products is prohibited in any building on campus. Smoking and chewing tobacco are strictly prohibited inside the residence halls for fire safety and insurance reasons. For more information about the smoking policy see Sierra College Board Policy No. 3570.

Q. What about personal safety issues and the safety of my property?A. The Sierra College campus community strives to provide a safe and secure environment for its students, employees and visitors. Residents are expected to assist in maintaining a safe environment within the Residence Hall complex. If safety and security issues arise, students should report these concerns to a member of the Residence Hall staff or to the Campus Security Office. 
For those students living on campus, each residence hall has a computerized access system that controls all exterior doors. Residents are issued an access key for admittance to the building as well as a key to their room. Residents are not to admit non-residents into the Residence Halls who are not their guests. All guests must sign in with a member of the Residence Hall staff. This practice helps to ensure safety and security of the hall community. Students will be held responsible for their invited guests. Campus Security Officers patrol our parking lot, exterior building areas and grounds, and community areas each evening. Residence Hall staff also provides a variety of programs throughout the academic year on matters of personal safety and precautionary tactics.
Residents are responsible for the security of their personal property, and it is recommended that room doors remain locked at all times. Insurance on personal property is also recommended to help guard against financial loss. (Check to see if your family's home owners policy covers you while at school.) You can also purchase theft/fire insurance with National Student Services, Inc.  

Q. What are some of the requirement to live in the Residence Halls?A. Proof of current health insurance coverage is required of every student prior to moving into the Residence Halls and must be in effect at all times during residency.
Any student who wishes to live in the Residence Hall must be enrolled in at least 12 units at all times during the academic year. Residents living in the Residence Halls during the summer must be enrolled in at least one class at all times while they are living in the Residence Halls. The student must regularly attend each of their classes while maintaining a semester and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Q. I would like to know a little bit more about the city of Rocklin?A. Please visit the city of Rocklin's web site (

Q. Is there public transportation available?A. Placer County Transit has some bus routes that stop at Sierra College. For more information about routes and schedules please visit Placer County Transit's web site.

Food Service

Q. How does the meal plan work?A. The meal plan is in connection with DishOut ( Each resident will get a meal card. The meal plan money is divided into a specific amount per week. Money will be deposited onto the meal card on either a weekly or monthly basis. When the meal card has been activated the resident will be able to use the meal card in the Campus Center (Building “J”) on-campus according to the cafeteria’s hours of operation. The cafeteria's hours of operation may change without notice and are based on customer traffic. Residents are also able to use the meal card at certain restaurants off-campus. The list of restaurants is available at It is the resident’s responsibility to budget the meal plan money accordingly.

Q. Does the money on the meal card carry over into the next week?A. Yes, the money does carry over into the next week. However, the money does not carry over into the next semester. All accumulated money at the end of the semester will be cleared off the card. There is no refund for unused monies remaining on the card at the end of the semester.

Housing Admission Process

Q. What is the first step towards getting housing in the Residence Halls?A. The first step is to complete and submit a housing interest form, which is available online at

Mail or submit your completed housing interest form to:
   Sierra College Housing Office 
   4895 Rocklin Rd, 
   Rocklin, CA 95677

Q. What happens after the Housing Office receives my housing interest form?A. When the Housing Office receives your housing interest form, we will email you to let you know that we received your housing interest form. We will add your name and information to the Residence Halls interest list. When it becomes available, a License Agreement Packet will be emailed/mailed to everyone on the Residence Halls interest list.
 Q. I didn't receive a confirmation email that the Housing Office has received my housing interest form?A. We try to email confirmations the same day that we receive housing interest forms, however we sometimes can't get to them until the next business day. If you have a Comcast or Yahoo email address, then you should check your spam folder. We have heard that emails from Sierra College sometimes goes to spam. If you have any questions about your housing interest form, then please contact us at or by phone at (916) 660-7389.
Q. When are License Agreement Packets available?A. The License Agreement Packet for Fall/Spring applicants will be available mid April. The License Agreement Packet for Spring Only applicants will be available in late October or early November. The License Agreement Packet will be emailed/mailed to everyone on the interest list when it becomes available. 

Q. How are spaces filled in the Residence Halls?A. Spaces in the Residence Halls are filled based on when completed License Agreement Packets are received. A waiting list will be created after all spaces are filled. Placement on the waiting list is also based on when completed License Agreement Packets are received.

Q. I am an International Student, how do I get on-campus housing?A. International Students are encouraged to contact the International Students Office for further information.

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