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Career Connections offers a variety of assessment instruments designed to help you match who you are with possible majors and careers. Most formal assessments are offered as a part of our PD 6 and PD 21 career courses; others are available by visiting Career Connections.

Eureka, The California Career Information System

An online version of Eureka is available at Contact Career Connections for access information.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Personality Assessment)

The MBTI assists in identifying personality characteristics and patterns. Knowing these patterns may lead to more satisfying career choices and greater understanding in personal relationships. The MBTI is only available through enrollment in PDev 6 or PDev 21 career courses. (There is a small fee attached to this assessment.)


This multi-faceted card sort tool helps identify your values, skills, interest and personality characteristics in one integrated assessment. Elevations is available through enrollment in PDev 6 or PDev 21.

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