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Career Connections: Students

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Below is a listing of the types of resources available to help you explore career options, including what majors best fit your career choice, what schools offer those majors, what the job outlook is, in-depth information about careers, industries and current employment trends.

  • Computers: Computers are available in Career Connections during office hours. These systems are loaded with comprehensive career exploration software (including Choices and Eureka programs), resume and letter writing programs, programs to help you research majors and institutions that offer your major, plus financial aid and scholarship information.
  • Career Library: The library contains numerous books encompassing major, career and industry specific information. There are also resources for entrepreneurs and information on technical and vocational training and programs.
  • Labor Market Information: Find out what industries are expanding or contracting plus how many new positions are forecast to be offered in the next 1 to 5 years.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: Current information on careers, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Topics include nature of work, working conditions, how many employed in field, type of training required, job outlook, earnings, related occupations and sources of additional information.
  • Job Profiles: Experienced workers share: rewards of their job, stressful parts of the job, basic skills demanded by the job, challenges of the future and advice for entering the field.
  • What Can I Do With a Major In...?This site provides information on college majors including related career titles, employers and web sites.
  • Informational Interviews, Job Shadowing, Internships:
    Find out what a career is really like by talking or working with professionals in the field. Opportunities are available in many fields.

Career Courses

Career Courses assist students in self-assessment, career exploration, decision-making, occupational research, and goal setting through a formal class setting, taught by career counselors. View our courses (PDEV) in the Sierra College catalog.

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