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Is your mailing address in mySierra up-to-date? EVERY Sierra College student was sent a WolverineOne Card in the mail.

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Beginning January 2014, Sierra College has implemented a new way for students to receive refunds from Sierra College, the Wolverine One Card from Higher One®.

This is just an access card, not a debit card unless if you choose it to be. Once activated, it will let you choose the way you will receive your refunds (including Financial Aid disbursements). You can have the refunds deposited on to the WolverineOne card to use it as a debit card, receive a paper check, or have the money direct deposited to your bank (ACH). (More information on the Customer Identification Program below.)

If you don't activate your account, you may have to wait up to 14 days for your check! So update your address in mySierra and keep an eye out for the green envelope in January.

To learn more about Higher One, visit and stay tuned for further details!

What do students need to do?

The new Wolverine One Card will be mailed to each student’s current address on file with Sierra College. Therefore, it is critical that all students verify their mailing address on mySierra as soon as possible. Update your address on mySierra today!

We are very excited about this opportunity to provide Sierra College students faster service and increased choices for receiving their refunds. Please join us in welcoming this exciting new service to Sierra College.

Have additional questions?

Visit or to learn more about the Wolverine One Card.

Be informed – check out when fees may be charged!

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers

Customer Identification Program (CIP)

Students who wish to elect a check or direct deposit will be asked some questions (create a log in, secret question, etc.) but you will not be asked to take additional steps to provide proof of their identity.

What is CIP?

The Customer Identification Program complies with Section 326 of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, passed in an effort to prevent terrorist funds from flowing freely within the United States banking system. The CIP Program ensures that required identity information is not only verified but is retained properly. 

Why do both the United States and Higher One need to comply with CIP?

Under the Patriot Act and other banking regulations, banks and other parties that handle or transmit funds must have a Customer Identification Program. 

Who should be verified?

All individuals who elect to open a OneAccount require verification. 

When should individuals be verified?

An individual should be verified after they have received notification from Higher One that additional information or documentation is required to complete identity verification. Higher One will attempt to verify each CIP record within one business day after receiving the form. 

How can students send ID verification information to Higher One?

For the students' convenience, Higher One has created several ways in which students can send information to us electronically.

  1.  Upload Your Identification Online!

This option allows a student to upload an image or PDF of an ID online. When a student chooses to upload the ID online, Higher One will review the provided documentation by the end of the following business day.

If Higher One is able to successfully verify the student's identity, the student's account status will be updated. Any restrictions currently existing on the OneAccount due to an unverified identity status will be removed.

  1.  Verify Your Identity Real-Time!

This option is a fast, convenient and real-time method for a student to verify his/her identity online using a Q&A process. When the student chooses to verify his/her identity online, a series of multiple choice questions will be asked, based on personal information.

If Higher One is able to successfully verify the identity, the account status will be updated. Any restrictions currently existing on the OneAccount due to an unverified identity status will be removed. 

Where can I find additional information about CIP?

In addition to the information found in this section, more tips are available in the "Learning Portal". As always, you can speak with your Relationship Manager, Project Manager, or One Support Analyst for more details. Information is also available by using the EasyHelp tool. Perform a key word search using "CIP" as the search criteria. 

What happens if a student does not have a valid form of ID?

In accordance with Banking Regulations, Higher One must verify every account holder's identity. If a student cannot present an unexpired, government issued photo identification document, there are a few alternatives. The account holder can present a combination of the following documents to Higher One: Current Proof of Date of Birth, Current Proof of Social Security Number, and Current Proof of Physical Address. Once Higher One receives these documents, Higher One will review the documents and advise the Cardholder if any additional action is required to ensure that verification can be completed. 

What if an identification document expires tomorrow (or next month)?

The identification document has to be valid as of the day you view it. If it expires today (the day you are looking at it) or tomorrow, it is still valid. If it expired yesterday, it is not valid for CIP purposes. 

Can I send CIP information electronically before I have carded an individual and before they are in the Higher One system?

No, we do not accept CIP information electronically for any individual that has "not yet been carded". The CIP process is only required for those cardholders who elect to open an account with Higher One. Therefore, it is not necessary to submit CIP information for all students. However, you can assist those students who request assistance with the CIP verification process by using the Verify Cardholder Identity feature in if your School has opted to utilize this feature. 

How is the security of CIP Records ensured?

All Higher One privacy and security procedures that apply to data gathered from account holders extend to information gathered for CIP as well. All paper records are stored in a secure environment and only authorized personnel have access to these records. All electronic data is stored in the same secure, encrypted manner as other electronic data collected by Higher One. 

I sent in a copy of a Driver's License a week ago, but the account holder still hasn't been verified. How did that happen?

At times, photocopies that Higher One might receive are too dark and illegible; therefore we aren't able to verify the identity of the account holder. We try to avoid this by all means. Using the options below will help to avoid this situation, as we can contact the student if there are problems. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips:

  • Verify the student online using the "CIP - Verify Cardholder Identity" feature
  • Encourage the student to either upload a copy of their ID or use the Q&A feature
  • Use the Student CIP Processing Form and fill out all of the fields 

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