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The New Legacy Committee at Sierra College supports the goal to

"…foster access, success, and lifelong learning for all students while simultaneously advancing the state’s interest in a skilled workforce and an educated citizenry."

and also recognizes that a pattern of historical underrepresentation exists for certain groups of students. Continued research provides evidence of disproportionate rates of academic success when compared with other groups of students in the areas of access, retention, persistence, probation, dismissal, completion, and transfer. 

The mission of the New Legacy Committee is to create a Sierra College campus community and learning environment committed to increased success, retention, transfer and goal attainment rates for historically underrepresented students. A number of strategies have been designed, supported and implemented to help reverse historical underrepresentation. For example,

Programs and Activities to Reverse a Legacy of Historical Underreperesentation: 

  • New Legacy Scholarships for new, continuing, returning and transfer students,
  • New Legacy E-Newsletter (see below),
  • Study Room,
  • Puente Program,
  • Umoja Program,
  • César E. Chávez Higher Education Speaker Series,
  • New Legacy classes
    • Ethnomathematics,
    • English
    • Counseling: College Success
    • Sociology
    • Chicano/Mexican American History
    • African American Experience
  • Mentorship,
  • African American History and Culture Week,
  • Indigenious Peoples Days
  • La Semana Latina: A Week of Latino/a History, Culture and Significance.

Committee Members

Committee Bylaws

Voices of Historically Underrepresented Students

We spoke to Sierra College African American, American Indian, Alaskan Native and Hispanic/Latino students and here is what they told us.

Campus Resources especially for historically underrepresented students.

Awards and Recognitions

California Lieutenant Governor’s Office

California Community College Chancellor’s Office

Measuring Historical Underrepresentation

“Underrepresented” in higher education refers to racial and ethnic populations that are disproportionately lower in number relative to their number in the general population. The New Legacy Committee collects data over a (10) year period of time to quantify and determine trend rates and historical underrepresentation. Data-driven, accountability-based approaches are utilized to intentionally and deliberately target and implement strategies to improve historically underrepresented student success (Bylaws; New Legacy Committee, Article II Mission, pgs. 1-2.)

At Sierra College, data supported research identifies historically underrepresented groups as: African American students, Mexican American/Latino students, and Native American/Alaska Native students.

Measuring Historical Underrepresentation

Special Announcements!

A very special “thank you” goes to the Sierra College Math Department for supporting the New Legacy Math A ethnomathematics class. A generous gift of  (35) Hewlett Packard HP39G calculators was donated to help New Legacy students achieve academic success.  Thank you!

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