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What Has the Puente Program Meant to Me

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Maria“The Puente Program has given me the opportunity to get to meet great people and has made me feel like if I’m home. It also has given me the chance to get to see some of the options that I might have when it comes to transferring to a university. The program has helped me a lot.”

- Maria Salcedo, Puente student, Sociology Major

Cesar"Entering the program later than some, I was greeted with open arms. This made entering the class so much easier. The program has been great and has allowed me to learn new information, in a new way."

- Cesar Balderas, Puente Student, Major - Undecided

Shelley“The Puente Program has been a wonderful experience. Not only have I made new friends, I have been enriched culturally. I also had no plans of transferring to a university when I first started at Sierra College. This program has really taught me the importance of a higher education, how to be a positive role model, and how to give back to my community. This program has given me the tools to be a successful college student.”

- Shelley Blount, Puente Student, Business Admin Major

Ernesto“This experience in Puente has been amazing. I’m learning about subjects, events and people I can relate to. Not only that but we as Puente students go and see how our community functions by giving back to the community through volunteer services."

- Ernesto Fuentes, Puente Student, Psychology Major

Nancy“I LOVE the Puente Program at Sierra College; it is like a 2nd family. They take great care of students by providing direction, motivation and guidance. It's great to have a program like Puente especially for first generation college students. I have seen a great improvement in Maria (current student), she is so dedicated not only to continuing her education but also in pursuing her career.”

- Nancy Maldonado, Case Worker EcoAcademy High School, Los Angeles

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