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    Spring Semester 2015 in Florence, Italy

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    Let the world be your classroom…study abroad!

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    Earn college credit while experiencing life and culture in a foreign country.

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    Let the world be your classroom…study abroad!

Taking Higher Education Further

Study Abroad

Every spring semester Sierra College offers students an opportunity to continue their studies while living in another country for three months. Sierra College students have studied abroad in Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Australia, Greece, Costa Rica, Viet Nam, Argentina, and New Zealand.

Our program fees, one of the least expensive in the country, cover twelve-weeks housing in a furnished apartment, insurance, program transportation, on-site staff support and more.

Florence, Italy

Spring Semester 2015, January 15 to April 11, 2015

Earn College credit while experiencing life and culture in Florence, Italy!

Program Includes

  • Pre-departure services, including pre-departure orientation
  • 12-weeks accommodations, including utilities
  • Arrival care packages
  • On-site staff support including 24/7 emergency support
  • Airport transfers for group flight participants
  • On-site orientation, including walking tours of Florence and orientation materials
  • Classroom facilities, including computer access
  • Optional cultural programs and excursions
  • Florence Museum card provides unlimited entries to designated museums and galleries
  • Italian language classes taught by Italian instructors

Program fee: $6050

Accompanying Faculty: Professor Kathleen Taylor, Psychology and Women Studies; Professor Andrea Neptune, English and Humanities

The Spring Semester 2015 Florence Program is open to anyone over 18 at the time of application. Participants must be Sierra College students for the study abroad semester. Members of the community and seniors citizens are welcome.

Here is a brochure with all the information.

For more information contact Anne Fleischmann, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts, (916) 660-8000; email

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify to participate in a Sierra College Study Abroad program?

Sierra College Study Abroad Program is open to anyone over 18 at the time of application. Participants must be Sierra College students for the semester they study abroad with us and must be in good academic standing. A student who is on academic or progress probation or dismissed from the College may not be eligible to participate.

How do I apply for a program?

To secure a place in a program, students simply send in the initial application with the non-refundable first payment as soon as possible to the provider company that semester. Upon receipt of your application and first payment, the provider company will send you additional application and enrollment forms.

If I attend another college or do not attend college now can I still participate in the program?

Yes, students from colleges and universities around the country participate in our open-enrollment program. We also welcome community members to participate in our program by simply enrolling in Sierra College for the semester we study abroad.

Do I have to speak a foreign language to participate in this program?

No. While we offer transferable language courses taught by foreign instructors and encourage students to study the language of the country in which they will be living, speaking a foreign language is not a requirement of this program.

Are the courses offered in the program transferable?

Yes. All the courses offered are Sierra College classes and most are taught by Sierra College instructors; are CSU and UC transferable. The foreign language classes are taught by qualified, credentialed foreign instructors and they are also transferable.

Where will our classes be taught?

Classes are taught at study centers in classrooms provided by the company we are partnering with that semester.

Are there any study abroad scholarships or financial aid I can use to help pay for the program.

Sierra College does not offer any specific study abroad scholarships; however, there is a national scholarship known as the Gilman that you can look into. Also, you should look at the scholarship handbook from the financial aid office. There often are scholarships that you may qualify for and can be used to pay for program fees. There is not a specific financial iad program for study abroad; however, if you qualify for financial aid you may use whatever money you receive to pay for program fees. We recommend that you apply for financial aid at least 2 semesters before the study abroad program you are interested in. Contact the Financial Aid office for more information about how to find out if you qualify for financial aid.

What type of housing is provided?

Housing options vary depending on the destination city, but in general students live in apartments they share with other Sierra College study abroad participants. In some cases students chose the homestay option which includes two meals per day.

Beyond the program and airline fees, how much money should I budget for the twelve weeks?

This amount can really vary depending on individual spending habits. We general recommend, however, that students have access to $1200-$1500 per month, which should cover food, entertainments and independent travel.

Can I stay in Europe after the program ends?

You are only allowed to stay in Europe a maximum of 90 days. Most of our programs are schedule to end within that 90 day limit. So if you want to stay in Europe and travel after the program ends, you will have to apply for a tourist visa.


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