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Summer Bridge Program

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Summer BridgeStudents will receive intensive instruction/accelerated remediation aligned to the content and concepts of courses Math 581*, English 501*, and English 570*. They will also be involved in a Personal Development Course (PD8*), Student Skills Workshops, and academic advising. All courses include Supplemental Instruction Leaders/student mentors. Upon successful completion of the Summer Bridge courses, students are guaranteed placement in the next courses in the Math and English sequence.

Benefits to Student

  • Students complete an entire semester of courses and earn up to 8 units in 5 weeks. (Math 581, English 571, PD8)
  • When courses are completed, students are guaranteed placement into a FYE Math 582 and English N with a Supplemental Instruction component during the Fall 2012 semester
  • Counseling and Academic Planning, Peer Mentoring, Study Skills, and Campus Resources


Math 581 Summer Bridge (Arithmetic Review) is a 3 unit course designed to be a review of fundamental arithmetic operation with whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratio and proportion, and percentages.

English 571 Summer Bridge (Integrated Foundations of Reading and Composition) is a 4 unit course in which students practice in pre-collegiate reading and writing, emphasizing their interrelatedness. Includes textbook reading, literary analysis, and the writing of effective paragraphs and academic essays.

Personal Development 8 (Introduction to College): Introduction to higher education (college catalog, college terms, degree/certificate requirement, student resources, student success practices, steps to choosing a major)

Summer Bridge is free for students with a state BOGW fee waiver. Out of state students will be charged a fee. 

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