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Supplemental Instruction

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Tell me, and I forget,
Show me, and I remember,
Involve me, and I understand.

         - Chinese Proverb

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program of weekly review sessions for students in difficult courses. The sessions are lead by a student SI leader who has already taken the course. Students who attend SI regularly earn one half to one full letter grade higher than classmates who don't.

Supplemental Instruction Courses

SI provides a variety of courses aimed at promoting student success.

What will we do in an SI session?

What you won't do is sit through another lecture. Instead, a typical SI session has the students doing most of the talking, which results in better learning and is more fun than a typical class.

What's an SI leader?

The SI leader is a competent student who has already taken the course and usually has taken a class with your instructor. Think of the SI leader as that super student who knows exactly what the teacher is looking for.

How many SI sessions are there? Do I have to go to all the SI sessions?

Each SI leader will schedule two to three review sessions a week at times that are best of the majority of the class. You can attend one, two, or all three sessions (the choice is yours), and each one will be different because you'll have new material to discuss.



Is SI truly different from what we do in the classroom?

They are very different. SI review sessions are informal. Bring your notes, bring your texbook, bring your questions, and prepare to have fun and learn at the same time.


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