Apply to Sierra

Sierra College uses OpenCCC for creating and submitting applications.

OpenCCC is designed to fit all types of students, so some of the questions may not fit your particular situation. If you run into this, just give the best answer you can and continue on. You can apply anytime. Check below for what you need before you apply.

If you need help, check out How to Complete the Sierra College Online Application in our Help Center or contact The Hub: Student Help Center.

Apply using OpenCCC International Students: How to Apply

Prepare to Apply

It's a good idea to gather the following materials before you begin the application process

Social Security Number* If you have one. (If you have a DACA issued social security number, do not include it in your application.)
Previous Education Information Names and dates (month and year) of all high schools and colleges attended.
Email Address This is where we'll send follow-up information about your application. If you do not have one, create one prior to applying.
*If you are not a US citizen, you will also need your Alien Registration Number or VISA information