College Budget

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Table one Annual Income and Expenses

Enter Your Annual income and expenses in all applicable fields. For example, if your rent is $500 per month then enter 6000 for the yearly total.

Table Two Monthly Expenses

Enter the monthly breakdown of your income and expenses. For example, if your car insurance is $1200 annualy, enter 100 for the monthly portion.

Table Three Other Expenses

Enter the monthly breakdown of any other expenses that you have.


After you have enter values into all of the applicable fields click the 'Calculate Totals' button and print the page. After you have printed the page click the 'Do Loan Reality Check' button and follow the intructions given on that page.

Annual Breakdown of Income/Expenses

Income and Financial Aid Amount Expenses Amount
Take Home Pay $ Tutition and Fees $
Money from Parents $ Books/Supplies $
Annual Withdrawl from Savings $ Rent/Mortgage $
Spouse Take Home Pay $ Utilities $
Scholarships and Grants $ Food $
Student Loans $ Current Student Loan Interest Payments $
Other Financial Aid $ Other Expenses $

Monthly Breakdown of Expenses

Rent/Mortgage Amount Transportation Amount
Rent/Mortgage $ Total Monthly Car Payments $
Home Owners Insurance $ Gas $
Misc. Home related Expenses $ Car Insurance $
Total Monthly Maintenance Costs $
Parking $
Utilities Amount Public Transportaion $
Gas/Electricity $ Clothing Amount
Water/Sewage/Trash $ Clothing $
Cell Phone $ Laundry/Dry Cleaning $
Cable/Internet/Telephone $ Misc $

Additional Expenses

Additional Expenses Amount Additional Expenses Amount
Credit Cards $ Entertainment $
Personal Loan $ Medical/Dental $
Child Care $ Pet Care $
Vacation $ Misc $


Total Annual Revenues $
Total Annual Expenses $
Difference $
Total Monthly Revenues $
Total Monthly Expenses $
Difference $
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