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Solar Array Partnership

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The photovoltaic systems on both the Rocklin and Grass Valley campuses are the result of a public/private partnership with Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. Through this joint venture Sierra College

  • Strengthens its commitment to financial and environmental sustainability,
  • Provides students from the photovoltaic program a ‘learn by doing’ opportunity,
  • Helps stimulate the local economy through the creation of new ongoing private sector jobs.

These on-campus solar systems are operated and maintained under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Borrego Solar. Through the PPA, Sierra College avoids the upfront cost of financing the solar installation and equipment and in turn agrees to purchase approximately 1,883,400 kWhs of clean energy per year at below-the-grid rates. In the first year of operation, this amounts to roughly $50,000 in savings, and as utility rates for traditional forms of energy rise over time (historically at 3%-5% per annum) the savings passed on to Sierra College will also increase proportionally.

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