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Campus Parking

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Parking Policies

Free Parking on Weekends

Parking is free on all campuses from Friday at 4pm until Sunday at 11pm.

Daily Parking

The daily pass dispensers are located only in the perimeter lots.

Our new solar-powered dispensers now take credit cards and cash ($1 bills only) but no longer accept coins.

Rocklin and Nevada County Campuses

  • Per semester: $53 (With a BOG Fee Waiver: $26.50)
  • Per summer session: $26 (Same price with BOG Fee Waiver)
  • Daily parking: $3
  • Motorcycles: $15 for fall and spring, $7 for summer

Roseville Center

There are two free parking garages with entrances on both Oak Street and Vernon Street.

Tahoe-Truckee Campus

  • Per semester: $43
  • Motorcycles: $15 for fall and spring, $7 for summer

Benefits of Semester Permit

Save Money with a Semester Permit

If you purchase a daily pass twice a week for a full semester, it adds up to $96. If you come to campus two or more times a week, it's cheaper to buy a semester permit.

Get Preferred Parking at Lots Marked “Permit Parking Only”

A semester parking permit gives you preferred parking access. The lots marked “Permit Parking Only” are the closest student parking to the classrooms.

Permit lots do not have daily pass dispensers because you cannot park there with a day pass. You need to have a semester parking permit.

Free Parking

Visitor Parking

We have 30-minute spots for visitors. These spaces are marked by green curbs and signs. We have visitor parking in the following areas:
• Rocklin: lots B, K, N, and S
• Nevada County: lot 7
• Tahoe-Truckee: there are no 30-minute spaces at this campus

Off-Campus Parking

If you don't mind walking, there is limited city street parking outside of campus. We do not regulate these spaces. We do not offer any police or parking services to vehicles parked outside our jurisdiction.

Don’t park in local businesses or private property, as you may be subject to towing.

Weekend Parking

Remember: Parking is free on all campuses from Friday at 4pm until Sunday at 11pm.

Park Without a Permit and Risk a Fine

The penalty for parking without a permit or daily pass is $35.

Your vehicle may be towed away if you are illegally parked. Illegal parking includes blocking a roadway, fire access or another vehicle.

Receive five or more unpaid parking citations, and your vehicle may be impounded or immobilized until you pay all penalties and fees.

Keys Locked in Car or Car Needs a Jumpstart

Unfortunately, due to liability concerns, we no longer offer these services. You should contact AAA or a locksmith and have them assist you. You will be responsible for any fees charged.

Need a Permit?

Read How to Buy a Parking Permit.

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