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Museum Committee

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  • Rachael Greve, Director
  • Keely Carroll, Biology
  • Dick Hilton, Earth Science, 916-660-7945
  • Shawna Martinez, Biology
  • Jennifer Skillen, Biology, lecture coordinator
  • Charles Dailey, Biology, retired
  • Joe Medeiros, Biology, retired; Editor-in-Chief, Sierra College Press
  • George Bromm, Earth Science Instructional Assistant, collection manager, specimen curator, case builder
  • Sue Michaels, Public Relations PIO
  • Mike Price, Webmaster
  • Sean Booth, Geography
  • Gary Noy, History, retired
  • Kim Stevens, Earth Science
  • Barry Rice, Astronomy
  • Christine Gilbert, Environmental Studies and Sustainability
  • Tina Campbell, Earth Science alumna
  • Kris Syversen, Astronomy Instructional Assistant
  • Shel Randall, Physics
  • Matty Holdgate, Biology
  • Rick Neil, Geography
  • Jim Wilson, Biology, retired
  • Sue Kurnett, Chemistry
  • Dean Yoshizumi, Psychology
  • Kerrie Cassidy, Marketing, Graphic Designer
  • Karen Warburton, Associate Dean, Science and Mathematics
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