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HippopotamusThe Hippopotamus (Horse of the River) is a large amphibious mammal of Africa. The even number and nearly equal size of toes per foot indicate they are closely related to pigs. The genetics and paleontology suggest they are also distantly related to whales. The Pygmy Hippo is even more like some of the early ancestors of whales.

The deep pink/red color of some of the skin may seem fake but in life they have glands that secrete a reddish oil that protects their skin from prolonged submersion in water and from sunburn when out on land during the day.

We have not sent people out into the world to kill animals to stock the Sierra College Natural History Museum. They were donated or exchanged. A natural history museum in Stockton had numerous head mounts. Our hippo is one of the head mounts we acquired from that museum when it closed.

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