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Exhibits Inside

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The Sierra College Natural History Museum does not find it hard to get 'ahead'. There are over 70 animal head-mounts and 140 skulls on exhibit.

From the ceiling:

Among the exhibits hanging down from the ceiling are: A complete 38 foot long California Gray Whale skeleton, a Narwhal skull replica, a Bowhead whale baleen plate, and a complete Manatee skeleton.

Also, journey back into California’s past and get a glimpse of what was swimming in and flying over our Mesozoic sea - models of a life-size Thalattosaur, Mosasaur, Plesiosaur, and Pteranodon.

On the walls:

North American Mammals:

Featuring: Mountain Lion, Gray Wolf, Bison, Musk Ox, Caribou, Pronghorn, Mountain Goat, Moose, Elk, and various deer.

South American Mammals:

Features: Armadillo, Collared Peccary, Tapir, Jaguar, Whitetail Deer, Pampas Deer, Taruca, Brocket, and a Three-toed Sloth hanging from the ceiling.

African Mammals:

Over 30 wall-mounts: Elephant, White and Black Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Cheetah, Elephant, Bush Pig, Wart Hog, Cape Buffalo, Giraffe, and various old world antelope.

European Mammals:

This wall displays a: Fallow Deer, Chamois, Ibex Goat, Four-horned Sheep, a Goat, and a Wild Boar. Also displayed on this wall is a skull replica of an extinct Irish Elk with our own extinct North American Stag Moose above it has a comparison of antler size extremes.

Asian Mammals:

In this corner of the Museum, a full-size Snow Leopard watches over a Chinese Pangolin, Black Buck, Himalayan Tahr and a plethora of deer consisting of a: Barking, Hog, Pere David’s, Roe, Axis, Sambar, and Sika Deer. A Binturong can be found to the left of the European Mammal wall scaling a tree.

Marine Mammals and Reptiles:

Featuring a Sawfish snout, Walrus head, Green Sea and Hawksbill turtles and Narwhale skull replica.


  • Actual-size ichthyosaur replica Cymbospondylus petrinus 
  • A whale ancestor Basilosaurus half-skull replica
  • Skeletal models of the ichthyosaur Ichthyosaurus communis and the plesiosaur Trinacromerum kirki
  • Carcharodon megalodon versus Great White Shark - size comparison of teeth and mouth. 
  • Tyrannosaurus rex jaw replica 
  • Ice age Bison skull 
  • Woolly Mammoth tusk 
  • Sabertooth cat skull half replica

Near ground level displays and cases:

  • South American mammals (new)
  • Large Horseshoe Crab 
  • Trilobites with a subsection of California trilobites 
  • History of Life display 
  • “Which One Are You?” display 
  • Sierran Forest display 
  • Mushroom case 
  • Magnified soil case 
  • Bird nest case 
  • Antlers of the World display 
  • First Forest case
  • Hesperornis case 
  • First Flight case 
  • Green River Formation Fossils case 
  • Petrified Tree Trunk (Ione Formation) 
  • Ice Age Fossils 
  • Ancient Elephants 
  • Ammonite 
  • Titanothere case 
  • Bivalves and Gastropod Fossils case 
  • Bear case with body-mounts of: Polar, Alaskan Brown, Grizzly, and Black Bear
  • Cephalopod Fossils case 
  • Chico Formation case 
  • Weather Station and Seismograph Case 
  • Marine Mammals case 
  • Geochron
  • Fossil Tracks and Ripple Marks case
  • Perissodactyla case 
  • Small and Large Mineral cases 
  • Theropod Footprint display 
  • Rocks of Rocklin Poster 
  • Skull Cases – over 100 skulls of extinct and modern animals – includes birds, reptiles, and mammals. 
  • Dinosaur display 
  • Dinosaur Fossil cases 
  • African Porcupine
  • Petrified “Live Oak” Stump 
  • Camarasaur Tibia 
  • Apatosaur Tibia & Fibula 
  • Pachycephalosaurus Poster 
  • Horse Skeleton 
  • Artiocactyla case 
  • Triceratops/Pachycephalosaur case 
  • Turtle/Tortoise Fossils case 
  • Amethyst Geode case 
  • Tar Pit of Doom case 
  • Pine Cone case 
  • Uintathere case 
  • Extinct California Grizzly Bear Jaw 
  • Giant Clam 
  • Local Insects 
  • Butterflies and Moths case 
  • Meteorite case (upstairs) 
  • S110 displays (If you didn’t see enough stuffed animals try looking in room S110)
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