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Watch Out!

Insects exhibitInsects have infested a wall of the Museum and continue to increase in number. Clark! We need you…NOT. The infestation is due to the addition of a new display called Local Insects. Leave your fly swatters and Raid behind, these bugs are already dead.

This case shows some of the variety of insects that we interact with on a daily basis, insects that move so fast that we can’t see what they look like, and insects that are normally hidden away from our view. What kind of bug is that, you ask? This case will help you answer that question and open your eyes to the variety of insects that inhabit our area.

Students and museum helpers continually add new specimens to this collection. This new case compliments an older and very popular display containing butterflies. A framed identification guide called “Butterflies and Moths - Familiar North American Species” helps fill the gap between the two cases.

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