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Stag Moose

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The stag moose head and antler mount in the southeast corner of the Museum foyer is from an extinct ancestor of today’s living moose. It is above the 10 feet wide antlers of the extinct Irish elk.

The Stag moose migrated to the America’s from Asia via the Behring Straits. This specimen is a replica of an animal that lived during the Ice Age in what is now New Jersey. It broke through the ice of a frozen swamp and fell in head first. A pack of wolves found it and ate on the rear end. Perhaps they even chased it across the swamp. It was found when a drag line was draining the swamp. Pieces kept coming up in the mud filled bucket. It was salvaged by a member of the Anthropology lab at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

This was a ‘retirement’ gift to the Museum by zoology instructor Charles Dailey.

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