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Sierra College student and volunteer Brent Phillips adds finishing touches to our juvenile triceratops skull. The original 65 million year old fossil was found by Sierra College Professor Dick Hilton in the Summer 2002 on a Sierra College Earth Science Field Paleontology trip to Montana. In 2007, the fossil was transferred to the Museum of the Rockies. Here they replicated the skull fragments and reconstructed the skull.

Our skull represented a growth stage of the triceratops that they did not have. In return, the Sierra College Natural History Museum received replicas of the fragments. We kind of wanted a replica of the completed version – oh well. Brent, who is studying to be a Paleoartist, took on the job of reconstructing the replicated version of our find.

South American Mammal Fossil Display

South American fossil

The display is now in Room 110 of the Museum.

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