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Sierra College Press Board of Directors

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  • Rebecca Bocchicchio, Associate Dean, Sierra College Liberal Arts Division
  • Sean Booth, Professor of Geography
  • Keely Carroll, Professor of Biological Sciences, Sierra College
  • Kerrie Cassidy, Graphics Manager and Designer, Sierra College
  • Mandy Davies, Vice President, Student Services, Sierra College
  • Daniel DeFoe, Professor of History and Communications Studies, Sierra College
  • David Dickson, retired Sierra College Professor of English and German; President of the Sierra College Friends of the Library
  • Dave Ferrari, owner, Ferrari's Crown Resort, Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe; member, Sierra College Board of Trustees
  • Tom Fillebrown, Chair, Applied Arts and Design Department, Sierra College
  • Christine Freeman, retired online educational specialist
  • Rebecca Gregg, Professor Emeritus, Photography
  • Brian Haley, retired Dean of the LRC/Library, Sierra College
  • Rick Heide, Community member, award-winning author, Co-Editor of The Illuminated Landscape
  • Jay Hester, Professor of History and President of SCFA, Sierra College
  • David Kuchera, Professor of History
  • Joe Medeiros, Editor-in-Chief of Sierra College Press, Professor of Biological Sciences Emeritus, Sierra College; Illustrator and Contributor to The Illuminated Landscape
  • Lynn Medeiros, Interim Dean, Liberal Arts
  • Sue Michaels, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Sierra College
  • Gary Noy, retired, former Editor-in-Chief of Sierra College Press; former Director of Sierra College Center for Sierra Nevada Studies; Co-Editor of The Illuminated Landscape
  • Bart O'Brien, retired superintendent of the Placer Union High School District
  • Sabrina Pape, Dean of the LRC/Library, Sierra College
  • Mike Price, Webmaster, Sierra College
  • Jennifer Skillen, Professor, Biological Sciences, Sierra College
  • Barbara Vineyard, Former President and member, Sierra College Board of Trustees; former Sierra College student
  • Randy White, retired educator, Publisher Blue Oak Press

Board of Directors Meeting – September 14, 2011 (left to right) Seated – David Dickson (President, Sierra College Friends of the Library); Willy Duncan (President/Superintendent of Sierra College); Barbara Vineyard; Kerrie Cassidy. Standing – Malcolm Margolin (Publisher, Heyday Books; Advisory Board member); Gary Noy; Joe Medeiros; Lydia McNabb (Sierra College Press intern); Gabriel Schlaefer (Sierra College Press intern); Mandy Davies; Betty Gudz (Sierra College Friends of the Library); Carol Hoge; Rachel Rosenthal (Sierra College Vice-President of Instruction); Rick Heide; Sue Michaels; Jay Hester; Jennifer Skillen; Brian Haley; Roger Lokey; Robert Hanna 

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