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California Glaciers - Praise and Reviews

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“California’s glaciers are unforgettable to anyone who has had the rare opportunity to climb to the edge of the ice and beyond. With his eye for nature and a sense of adventure, Tim Palmer presents a remarkable vision and perception of those heights. His words and photos will motivate you to care deeply about what threatens that fragile wilderness and all that lies below it.”

Yvon Chouinard,
owner and founder of Patagonia Inc.

“If you want one book about glaciers in California, this is it. Relating his hair-raising adventures climbing what is left of these amazing glaciers, Tim Palmer shows us remarkable photos of scenes that will soon disappear and, for comparison, historical images from 1908. Glaciers have come and gone, he writes, but this loss is different. It is happening quickly and we are the cause of it.”

Lester R. Brown,
president of Earth Policy Institute and author of World on the Edge

"A great adventure, with a sobering and powerful conclusion. If we're to be true to Muir's legacy, we've got a lot of work to do on climate change."

—Bill McKibben,
author of The End of Nature and eaarth

“Tim Palmer captures the experience of exploring glaciers and the attraction to their cold beauty, their fascinating details, and the athletic struggle to reach them. His photographs are beautiful and he provides captivating historical and cultural descriptions to better appreciate these beautiful landscapes. The only thing closer to the real experience is be there.”

Dr. Andrew Fountain,
department of Geology at Portland State University

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