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The Sierra College Press also publishes two electronic journals. The journals are:

Snowy Range Reflections

Snowy Range Reflections: The Journal of Sierra Nevada History and Biography

Examines the fascinating history and characters of what John Muir called “The Range of Light.”

  • v1n1: The Range of Light itself: earth, fire, water, and wind.
  • v1n3: Education and entertainment are entwined in an issue devoted to entertainment, Gold Country style.
  • v2n1: Explores the rugged romance and the harsh reality of the California gold fields.
  • v2n2: The highways and byways, buildings and bridges that connect all of us who live in the shadow of the “Range of Light.”
  • v3n1: Alonzo Delano: nomad denizen of the world
  • v3n2: For your reading and listening pleasure a small sampling of the prose and poetry to be found and enjoyed in The Illuminated Landscape.
  • v4n1: The celebration of Sierra College's 75 years by providing a few examples of the inspiring history, and, especially, people who contributed to the history of the Sierra College.
  • v4n2: On the Sierra Nevada: Women writers of the 19th Century—presents the writings of fourteen 19th century women writing on their experiences in, and opinions of, the Sierra Nevada region.
  • v5n1: Seventeen little-known figures from Sierra Nevada history
  • v5n2: Six on the Sierra: Authors. Audio lectures on authors writing about the Sierra Nevada.
  • v6n1: Hetch Hetchy Restored?
  • v6n2: Mark McLaughlin: Sierra Nevada Weather and Cultural Historian
  • Coming: Gold Rush miner journals

Journal of the Sierra College Natural History Museum

The Journal of the Sierra College Natural History Museum

Provides information about the college’s extraordinary museum and the natural history of our region and the world.

  • v1n1: Wonders of the Natural History Museum.
  • v1n2: The Sierra Nevada and the conservation movement it inspired.
  • v2n1: Nature and history along the Interstate 80 corridor.
  • v2n2: Evolutionary theory on the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth.
  • v3n1: Ways in which various organisms fly.
  • v3n2: How we use science in our decision making.
  • v4n1: The celebration of Sierra College's 75 years by giving a history of field trips at Sierra College.
  • v4n2: Directory of museums of the Sierra Nevada
  • v5n1: Natural History Museum lecture series
  • v5n2: Six on the Sierra: Rock Stars. Audio lectures relating to the geology of the Sierra Nevada.
  • v6n1: Women in Nature: A Gallery of Influential and Pioneering Female Naturalists
  • v6n2: State symbols related to the Sierra Nevada
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