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Standing Guard Book and Multimedia CD

Standing Guard posterIn 2002, the Standing Guard Project, which chronicled the history of the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, published Standing Guard: Telling Our Stories. It was the first publication of the Sierra College Press.

Standing Guard: Telling Our Stories was a collection of oral histories from survivors of the internment camps, Japanese American veterans, and Placer County residents, recounting their experiences during the time.

The book was edited by History Professors Dr. Debra Sutphen and Lynn Medeiros. Tom Fillebrown, Assistant Professor of Applied Art and Design, designed the 180-page publication for the Standing Guard project. Historians Debra Sutphen, Lynn Medeiros, Gary Noy, and Alexis Farrel condensed the complete histories with a biography of each narrator. English Professor Tricia Lord was the copy editor. AAD Professor Pam Johnson and students Margaret Campbell and Anna Tivol created the multimedia CD which accompanied the book. Photography Assistant Professor Randy Snook applied for the ISBN number for Sierra College Press, a first for the college.

Only 1500 copies of the Standing Guard book and CD were published. There are no copies of the book and CD left for sale. A book/CD signing was held February 28, 2002 in conjunction with the Ridley Gallery Standing Guard Exhibit. Many of the narrators featured in the book attended this special event.

Sierra Foothills Nature Guide

Nature Trail GuideThe second book from the Sierra College Press was released on April 19, 2004. The title was Sierra Foothills Nature Guide: A Guide to Biology and Ecology of the Sierra College Nature Trail.

Shawna Martinez, a Sierra College professor in Biological Sciences, along with other colleagues and students have updated and edited this edition of the Sierra College Nature Trail guide. While the fourth edition published overall, it is the first edition published by the Sierra College Press. This edition features the flora and fauna one can see while exploring the College’s Nature Trail and much of the Sierra foothills.

The Sierra College Nature Trail was designed and constructed by members of the Sierra College Science Club and their faculty advisors in the 1960s. As knowledge of the Nature Trail area has expanded, the guide has grown as well. The newest edition of the guide is beautifully illustrated by artists Sarah Tomich, Ken Kirkland and Heather Mehl. It includes detailed drawings and descriptions of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians common to the foothill regions of California.

Faculty advisor Shawna Martinez said, “The publication of this Nature Guide would not have been possible without the efforts of many students and staff members. Each person involved has left a piece of themselves within the pages of the book.”

The Sierra College Natural History Museum and the Associated Students of Sierra College provided funding for the publication of this sturdy, wire bound publication. The book is available for $12.95 from Science Club members, Shawna Martinez, Sierra College Natural History Museum events, the Sierra College Bookstore, and other selected bookstores. Profits from the book will benefit the Sierra College Science Club.

The Identity and Postcranial Osteology of Odocoileus lucasi (Hay) 1927

Monograph coverIn 2004, in association with the Sierra College Natural History Museum, the Sierra College Press published a scholarly monograph entitled “The Identity and Postcranial Osteology of Odocoileus lucasi (Hay) 1927.”

This paper was co-written by G. Victor Morejohn of California State University, San Jose; and D. Charles Dailey of Sierra College. The monograph was an examination of the discovery of a nearly complete skeleton of an adult male deer from the Plio-Pleistocene Era (2.5 million to 700,000 years ago). The skeleton was found at Honey Lake in Lassen County, California. The paper describes the find and compares it to existing and extinct New World deer species.

The paper is available for $5 from the Sierra College Natural History Museum.

Sustainability Booklet

The Sierra College Press has published Everyday Choices: 365 Ways You Can Help Build a Sustainable Future. This booklet offers 365 suggestions concerning sustainable actions at home, at school, in the office, on the construction site, and many other locations.

Sierra College Journal of Microbiology

In association with the Sierra College Biological Sciences Department, the Sierra College Press distributes the Sierra College Journal of Microbiology, a scholarly scientific journal produced semi-annually by college microbiology students. The journal is supervised, reviewed and edited by Sierra College microbiology instructors Sasha Warren and Harriet Wilson.

The current and past issues are available at the Biological Sciences website.

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