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Published in collaboration with Heyday.

Gold Rush Stories: Tales of Dreamers, Schemers, Bigots and Rogues

—Gary Noy; Foreword by Gary F. Kurutz

The follow-up to the award-winning Sierra Stories

This volume explores the deeply human stories of the California Gold Rush generation, drawing out all the brutality, tragedy, humor, and prosperity as lived by those who experienced it. In less than ten years, more than 300,000 people made the journey to California, some from as far away as Chile and China. Many of them were dreamers seeking a better life, like Mifflin Wistar Gibbs, who eventually became the first African American judge, and Eliza Farnham, an early feminist who founded California’s first association to advocate for women’s civil rights. Still others were eccentrics—perhaps none more so than San Francisco’s self-styled king, Norton I, Emperor of the United States. As Gold Rush Stories relates the social tumult of the world rushing in, so too does it unearth the environmental consequences of the influx, including the destructive flood of yellow ooze (known as “slickens”) produced by the widespread and relentless practice of hydraulic mining. In the hands of a native son of the Sierras, these stories and dozens more reveal the surprising and untold complexities of the Gold Rush.

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Essential Handbook of the Sierra Nevada (working title)

—Joe Medeiros

Presently under development, The Essential Handbook of the Sierra Nevada (working title) will provide information on the art, history, natural history and public policy of the Sierra Nevada to visitor and resident alike. The handbook will be lavishly illustrated and contain colorful and informative maps.


Snowy Range Reflections

  • Excerpts from Gold Rush journals never before published
  • Wilsonia and national park inholdings

Journal of the Sierra College Natural History Museum

  • California State symbols related to the Sierra Nevada


  • to be determined

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