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Standing Guard Curriculum

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In the spring 2001, historians Lynn Medeiros and Dr. Debra Sutphen team-taught a special section of History 35, Historical Reasoning, as an oral history field course focused on the Japanese American Internment. Students in the class spent the semester learning about the history of racial prejudice that led to the internment. Their class experience combined with oral history training took them out into the Placer County community, where they interviewed Placer County residents who were directly affected by internment. Fifty-five students, teamed with student photographers from professor Randy Snook's photojournalism course, collected over forty oral histories from people in our community. These histories have now been transcribed and edited for publication in book form. The entire manuscripts and cassette tapes will be available in the library. The book, available now, includes a CD of the complete interviews as well and combines those interviews in a professionally published manuscript.

Applied Art and Design

Applied Art and Design Assistant Professor Tom Fillebrown designed the book of the collected histories and photographs and oversaw its publication. Pam Johnson, Applied Art and Design Professor, directed students in creating the multimedia component using Flash. In the annual student design project 'Assignment', students are asked to illustrate the concept and connotation implied by a single word. This last year the word was 'Assignment: Conflict'.


Professor Rebecca Gregg taught Photography 65, Documentary Photography and Photography 90H, Documentary Field Workshop at Manzanar in Lone Pine, California. The department also took a one day field trip to San Francisco to the Friends of Photography exhibit on modern Japanese photography prior to 1940.

Social Science

A special course Social Science 300, traveled to Tule Lake near the Oregon border for a one week-end intensive experience on October 20-21, 2001.


Curriculum activities in Art, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Communication Studies, Drama, Early Childhood Education, Economics, English, Environmental Horticulture, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Psychology are also ongoing.

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