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Sierra College Mission Statement

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The mission of Sierra College is to provide an inclusive and safe educational environment where learners are supported while challenging themselves and achieving their goals.

Sierra College Vision Statement

Sierra College will be the preferred destination for higher education and training in our region while eliminating achievement gaps among our students.

Sierra College Core Values

The following core values will establish our ethical principles and will guide our institutional decision-making. Sierra College will:

  1. Empower students in their education.
  2. Strive toward student success and continuous improvement.
  3. Be an inclusive and equitable community.
  4. Be responsive to the education and workforce needs of our local community and businesses.
  5. Demonstrate collaboration with all stakeholders in decision making.
  6. Manage all resources in a manner that is sustainable and responsible.
  7. Support and model excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, scholarship, and creativity.

The mission is evaluated and revised on a regular basis.

Date Revised: 4/9/2019

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